SPAN Halloween Special 2017 – The Horrors of Losing your Data

The horror of your data being lost forever

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Some of your data is priceless. I know it is a hard fact to consider but from pictures of your child growing up, to those ones from your wedding day or of a lost relative – some data is truly irreplaceable and no amount of money will buy it again. With so much of our lives moving to a digital platform, we take for granted that our data is spread across too many devices to be just lost forever. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be caused by a system of hardware malfunction. Don’t overlook human error.

Too many of us have been making space on our Mac, PC or Android systems, thinking “I can delete all those albums, they are on my NAS/Google Drive/iCloud/USB – only later to discover either you forgot to back them ALL up before or worse, that due to a device’s file type restrictions that you did and the destination device only copied folder structure and not the actual files. Everyone reading this has at one time or another felt the cold, hard stab in the pit of the stomach that you feel when you KNOW you f@#ked up and lost something precious. Today I want to talk about the most common ways in which people lose their data in both the physical and the digital, why they are unavoidable and how to protect yourself beforehand.

Where can I buy the perfect NAS, DAS or SAN?

span-com-nas-experts Choosing the right data storage device can be rather difficult. Having to consider everything from budget, total capacity, reliability and of course, ensuring that you get value for money – all of these factors can result in getting lost in a confusing world of NAS, DAS and SAN. Never fear, why not trust the NAS experts, SPAN.COM. They will provide technical advice, individually tailored solutions that suit your needs, bad sector checks on all hard drives and SSD, firmware installations and RAID configurations, as well as post sales support for years after and checks on your setup later to ensure that the solution best suited your needs – ALL THIS completely FREE. So, why not get in touch with them and make the process of choosing the right data storage solution for your needs a great deal easier.

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Local area network LAN for your backup

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