Amazon Cyber Monday Deals – Drobo




Find the best Drobo NAS Cyber Monday Deal. All the latest discounts will be displayed here. If you are still unsure of which NAS exactly you need, use this as a NAS buying guide. You will find entire Drobo Desktop NAS/DAS range divided into categories of the use case helping you to narrow down your choice. I hope this helps saving money and help to avoid wrong purchase because Cyber Monday lasts only for a day- so buying a wrong thing would mean missing out on the best deal of what you really need. Available models: Drobo 5C, Drobo 5D3, Drobo 8D, Drobo 5N2, Drobo B810n, Drobo B810i.

Cyber Monday | Direct conect (DAS) via Thunderbolt / USB

The simplest form of external storage will be direct conection RAID drives. USB will be a slowest kind od storage. USB3.0 will offer bandwith around 5Gigabits a second (thats around 600Megabytes per second). USB3.1 will have 10Gb/s bandwidth (around 1.25 Gigabytes), Thunderbolt3 with 40Gb/s bandwidth (around 5Gigabytes). This is often the easiest and aslo the cheapest way to add extra storage. But the only disadvantage is limited or no coloboration at att. It can not be used in the teams od editors.


Cyber Monday | Storage area network (SAN) for local collaboration

Drobo SAN solution is similar like direct conected storage, but it also allows coloboration. In this environment teams can work on the same projects. And same as direct conected storage – it is supported by any video or photo editing software. This is due the fact that extra storage appears as a internal drive on your computer. Some sowtware do not let you use network attached storage (but there is a way to trick the system).

Cyber Monday | NAS- network attached storage for collaboration and sharing

The most profesional way to do things is with Network conected storage. Not only you can coloborate and work with your team but more importantly you can share your projects with the outside world. You can give permision to your content creators to upload their footage. Then let tems wotk on the projects. And share the finished projects with your clients.



Drobo is very popular because you can mix any size drives and their beyond RAID software will work out – how to get maximum capacity with given drives. Drobo products also come with a battery which will protect your read/write operations with sudden power loss.

The other very important feature is virtual spare. This mean- if there is enough free space unused, then Drobo will prepare for the scenario of drive failure. Even if you have already one drive failure protection mechanism enabled it will still find a way to add another layer of protection.















If you prefer to buy a ready built and configured NAS Visit SPAN.COM and ask what deal they can offer (Span Deals)!

All drives will be tested as well a NAS itself. RAID set up, firmware updates applied and your preferred apps pre-installed. This could cost you £100 if purchased separately – SPAN will do it for free (Call it NAS passion).