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How to install Plex on Synology DSM7

How to install Plex on Synology DSM7   First of all, you need to log into your Admin Panel.  You can type in in your web browser or install Synology Assistant app on your computer.           You can install Plex from Package Center Or do it manually  Click Manual Install and […]

Amazon Prime Day Oct 2022 – Early Access Deals on Synology, QNAP, HDDs, SSDs, Cameras and Network Switches

Prime Day Bargains on NAS, Hard Drives, SSDs, Cameras and Network Equipment ANOTHER Amazon Prime Day in 2022? Yep, just a month before Black Friday kicks off and Amazon has decided to host an impromptu 2nd in-house sale event beginning on Tuesday 11th Oct until midnight on Wednesday 12th Oct (in 15 countries; Austria, Canada, […]

How to replace drive in critical status Synology DSM7

How to replace drive in critical status Synology DSM7 How to replace a failing drive? Go to Storage Manager > HDD/SSD. Select the drive in Crashed status and click Action. Select Deactivate Drive (DSM 7.0) or Deactivate (DSM 6.2). Restart your Synology NAS or remove and reinsert the drive. Go to Storage Manager > Storage Pool Click Repair (in text or symbol … ) Select a […]

Synology DSM vs TrueNAS – Which is Best?

Synology DSM 7 vs TrueNAS Core – Software Comparison Choosing between these two incredibly popular platforms for secure storage, accessing and sharing your data is not easy! With Synology and DSM, you have a premium hardware+software platform that easily emulates entire operating system levels of features, with an incredibly user-friendly design, initiative controls and a […]

Which Kernel linux version does the Synology DSM run?

Which Kernel linux version does the Synology DSM run? DSM6.  – Linux Kernel 4.4.59 DSM7 so far up to Version: 7.0.1-42218. – Linux Kernel 4.4.180   How to Check Linux Kernel Version The easiest way, SSH into the box and type ‘uname -r’ This will just give the version. Alternatively use ‘cat /proc/version’ or ‘dmesg […]

Synology DSM 7.1 Beta Released

The Synology NAS DSM 7.1 Beta Software is Now Available to Download Good news for anyone that wants to see how Synology DSM will improve in the coming months, with Synology today announcing the Beta release of DiskStation Manager 7.1, giving system admins a chance to test out the expanded functionality. DSM 7.1 builds further […]

How to fix Plex pixel problem on DSM7 – changing video codec h265

Got to Synology Settings/ Terminal/ Enable SSH Open Terminal on MAC (PuTTy on Windows)   Switch to Root mode   Connect to your Synology NAS Open Plex server folder   Open Preferences.xml file   Use combination SHIFT + $ in order to jump to the end of the file. Arrow down to go down. Press […]

How to Install Plex on a Synology NAS with DSM 7

A Guide to Installing Plex Media Server on your Synology NAS with the DSM 7 If you have been looking at buying a NAS drive for Plex to use as your own private Netflix, then there is a very good chance that you have heard the name ‘Synology’. They are the brand that produces some […]

Synology DSM 7.1 – Features & Services Revealed

Information on Synology DSM 7.1 Revealed During the Synology 2022 Event An interesting part of Synology’ recent keynote speech, during the brand’s ‘2022 and Beyond’ event that did not get anywhere near the attention it deserved, was the details that were shared on DSM 7.1 and numerous individual applications and services that will see improvements […]

Synology 2022 Event Review – EVERYTHING Covered in SRM 1.3, Routers, Mac Support, DSM 7.1, New NAS, C2, Photos and Surveillance

Review of the Synology 2022 Event – Everything Synology Revealed It’s that time again, almost as regular as clockwork, with the return of the annual Synology event. Synology has been extraordinarily business and enterprise-focused throughout this year, with numerous significant updates in services on their C2 cloud platform, Cloud assisted services and (of course) the […]

Install Zappiti on Synology DSM7 via docker

Install Zappiti on Synology DSM7 via docker You will need Celeron based models such as ds220+/ DS218+ etc to run a docker. Step 1 – Shutdown and Uninstall Zappiti Server Open the Package Center. ● Go to Installed section. ● Select the package Zappiti Server. ● Click on Action. ● Select Uninstall.   Step 2 – […]

Plex Library Folders Empty – Synology DSM7

I’ve my Synology NAS to Plex and added my content, but the libraries are empty The Directory Appears to be Empty? On DSM 7 you need to go to Settings/Shared folder Select the media folder you want Plex to have access to Click Edit Open Permissions tab and select Internal user Find PlexMediaServer user Tick […]

Reset password on Synology DSM 7

I have A DS220J running DSM 7. I had a lot of issues with hackers trying to remote in. So, I disabled both Telnet & SSH, then enabled 2FA for admin members. My DS File program on my Android phone then decided to send the wrong password to my NAS, resulting in it locking me […]