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Synology DS423+ Released (4-Bay Plus Series NAS)

Synology Announces New DS423+ NAS with NVMe Storage Pools and Powerful CPU – March 15th 2023. Synology, a leading provider of network-attached storage (NAS) solutions, has announced its latest addition to its lineup – the DS423+. This new NAS comes packed with features, including NVMe storage pools and a powerful CPU borrowed from the previously […]

Synology DS423+ NAS release date and specs and price

DS423+ release date Synology DS423+ released (4-bay plus series NAS) Synology, a global leader in network-attached storage (NAS), is set to release their latest model, the DS423+. This powerful NAS device is packed with features that make it perfect for both home and business users alike. With a release date set for March 15th 2023, […]

Synology to introduce HAT3300 Plus Series Hard drives

Synology PLUS NAS Hard Drives – The HAT3300 Series Get ready for some exciting news for all the Synology and Network Attached Storage (NAS) fans out there! Synology is rolling out a brand new series of HAT3300 hard drives in 2023, and this time it’s geared towards home and SMB users. While Synology already has […]

How to Enable NVMe Storage Pool on Synology That Only Allow Caching

How to Enable NVMe Storage Pool on Synology That Only Allow Caching

Synology DiskStations are powerful devices that can be used as centralized storage solutions for personal and business use. They support various types of storage pools and volumes, including HDD, SSD, and NVMe SSD. However, the Synology DSM (Disk Station Manager) interface only allows the NVMe SSDs to be used as cache. If you want to […]

What HDD is best for NAS?

What HDD is best for NAS?

What HDD is best for NAS?   Yes, this is a popular question. Especially when your NAS has a different number of bays or even bays size. The basic rules for NAS-compatible drives is as follows. 1-Bay and 2-Bay NAS             = You can use any drives you want. This can […]

Amazon Prime Day Oct 2022 – Early Access Deals on Synology, QNAP, HDDs, SSDs, Cameras and Network Switches

Prime Day Bargains on NAS, Hard Drives, SSDs, Cameras and Network Equipment ANOTHER Amazon Prime Day in 2022? Yep, just a month before Black Friday kicks off and Amazon has decided to host an impromptu 2nd in-house sale event beginning on Tuesday 11th Oct until midnight on Wednesday 12th Oct (in 15 countries; Austria, Canada, […]

A Guide to Rackmount NAS – Sorted by Size

Choosing the Right Rackmount NAS – Understanding the Importance of Depth There was once a time when owning any kind of rackmount based storage and/or computer equipment was squarely aimed at high-end business and data centres. Unlike the desktop PC, laptop keyboard or touch screen device that you are likely reading this on, a rackmount […]

New Synology HAS5300 SAS Hard Drives Released

The HAS5300 Hard Drives – New SAS Media from Synology Revealed Yes, that’s right. Synology has now released a range of SAS (12Gb) hard drives in the HAS5300 series. Last year, when Synology first revealed that they were going to start producing their own range of SATA hard drives for their Diskstation and Rackstation NAS […]