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NASCompares needs your help! I debated over that first sentence for a while, but after an hour at my keyboard, that was the best I could come up with. In the last three years, the free advice section has helped a little over 11,000 users by providing completely free technical advice on data storage and network setups. Perhaps you are one of those 11,000 people that needed help setting up their NAS solution, needed guidance on the more secure setup they could have, had myself or Eddie patch in remotely and tighten your network settings or even popped by your location and only asked for coffee in return. We started the free advice section of NASCompares largely because hiring an on-site network/data-storage engineer was just far too expensive for the every-man and (not exactly being flushed with cash ourselves) we appreciate how good it can be when someone offers a helping hand. We began the free support service with the confidence that it would be funded by occasion donations, affiliated links to websites in our articles and on-site ads. This seemed to remain a consistent and balanced model till late last year, when changes in how donations are handled and the intrusiveness of how ads are delivered drastically changed (in a way that we felt hurt the presentation of our content) and although we really, REALLY want to continue the free advice section for years to come, it is not a service that can ever be built with profit in mind. Running it for profit and/or as a sales machine would massively undermine its purpose.

Now, shines up begging bowl, this is where we have reached the difficult decision to make this request for donations. Please know that we did not take this decision lightly and are trying our utmost to only send this to people who we have already helped in one shape or form via the NASCompares site and free advice section. On average and over the last 3 years, 1 in 34 users has donated via our Ko-Fi or Paypal (as enormously grateful as we are for these) tend to range from £3 to £5 on average, which after sites take a cut and handling fees, are not enough to keep the free advice section alive for everyone else. NASCompares is a two-man operation (myself and Eddie) and with us publishing a daily video on youtube, daily news, guide and/or comparison piece on the site and supporting 10-15 users a day on the free advice section still needs to be sustainable. Donations and on-site funding allow us to use time-saving tools, fund future video/article projects, keep the test area up to date and create bigger and better guides to help more and more people.

So, I ask you, did you find the advice that we gave you helped you make the right decision with your storage? Did the YouTube videos or NASCompares articles help you keep your data safe and your network secure? Would you have recommended us to a friend, family or professional colleague? Please help us continue to keep this free option available to others by paying it forward and donating a little something to ensure we can help others (as well as keep the option open to you too down the line of course).

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Your support will help with:

  • Attending more expos and finding out about new NAS releases
  • Unboxing, reviewing, testing and comparing more new NAS releases
  • Paying for the website hosting
  • Paying IT guys to add, fix and change bits on the blog
  • Pay for the coffee when there are too many new releases in such a short time

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So, if you would like to directly donate to NASCompares and help Me and Eddie carry on doing what we do, use the Paypal link below:

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If you would like to support us in a small way, you can always use Ko-Fi to donate any smaller sum you choose

We need your help to purchase new NAS models for our data storage system, which we can keep in our studio for the long term. The manufacturer-supplied unit we currently have is only available for a short time, which limits our ability to create comprehensive comparisons, guides, and upgrades. Your support will enable us to provide you with the highest-quality content and grow our platform.

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If you found our videos useful in your search for the perfect network/storage solution and planned on purchasing a device from AMAZON, B&HNewEgg, BestBuy or CCL – Please use one of the links below to take you there. It will cost you nothing, will take you to their site directly and anything you buy after that will result in a small % being sent back to me and Eddie here at NASCompares and allows us to continue doing exactly what we do!

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Support Our Work by Using Us for a Consultation or Network Troubleshooting

Although NASCompares is just two people, we have been around in the work of networking and data for almost three decades (from amateur teenage computer hobbyists, through academic pursuits and now fully established in it). So, if you want to support our work, but want something directly beneficial in return, we do offer different kinds of support in a one-to-one capacity. We currently offer the following services:

Services & Cloud Providers We Are Affiliated With

Alongside reviewing different network/storage hardware and software, we also have affiliations with popular service providers. We tend to change these every 6 months or so, in order to ensure that we are only putting our name to ones we would personally use. If you plan on using any of the services listed below, please use the links provided, as it ensures that me and Eddie here at NASCompares get a small referral fee, which goes directly back into making content and purchasing new hardware for our videos/articles. Thank you.

If you need to fix or configure a NAS

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