did you set wan vlan to 35? [REPLY]
Hello, I would just like to share my experience here, I have just updated my Synology RS1221+ with more memory. First of all, a few considerations. Even [REPLY]
Hi, any news on a Roon 2.0 update? Thanks. [REPLY]
Elecgear is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing electrical gear. The electrical gear they produce are used to power many different ty [REPLY] With this wrapper you will be able to play these audio format: DTS, EAC3 and TrueHD. [REPLY]
Hi, your site is great and your opinion always help us.. congrats !! I have a DS720+ with first Ironwolf PRO 16TB (firmware EN02), but I am interesting t [REPLY]
Thanks Eddie, I had the feeling looking at the images that the 4x slot is open so a 8x card would fit. Also you mentioned you can update via command line t [REPLY]
What RAID controller does this model come with? [REPLY]
So how do you update the various apps with out being connected to the internet? And How do you hide the nas from the internet if you don’t want remote ac [REPLY]
I se one that one Simon [REPLY]

Looking to purchase around 4 or so ip cameras for security around my home. Looking for decent quality, we have heavy snow and cold temperature where
Hi Guys, Hi just hitnking to buy a Synology NAS. I have a regular ISP with router 1Gbit... No Public Ip, No Port Forwarding. I am concerned abo
Hi, My brother and I are very new novice users of a Synology 920+ NAS and we have watched some of your videos about how to set up e.t.c. which have
Hello! Sorry to bother you, but I'm having trouble finding a solution to a problem I'm having. I have a Synology DS920+. I don't know i
I asked this question a few weeks ago, but not answered or answered some[place other than through email? I have two drobos, a 5D and 5D3 with drives
Hello, have a lenovo tiny (1 liter case). bought the SN850X but this case is very small and the space for the M.2 SSD drives (2) is pretty small. With
I am interested in getting my first NAS, and I like what I see with Synology NAS. I am also interested in having Plex as a feature, and a virtual mac
I have synology DS1520+ with 3 bay installed. I plan to buy a UPS. The power required is about 190W (1.75 x power needed for my devices i.e. NAS, mode
Hi Robbie, As you truly are an expert and a man of knowledge and information, and I do watch your videos!, I would like to ask, are you by any ch
To help people setting up these two new Reolink models, the easy way is to first go into the camera settings Network-Advanced-Ports and enable both HT

QNAP TS-453E NAS Review

The QNAP TS-453E NAS Drive Review Why would you consider the QNAP TS-453E? Arriving in an oddly efficient and affordable, yet very capable form with its Intel Quad Core, 2.5GbE and 8GB memory architecture – this device stands out from the rest of the band’s value tier. For most users looking at buying their first […]

New Synology SA6400 and SA6200 Enterprise Rackstations Revealed

New 12-Bay AMD EPYC Synology SA6400 and SA6200 Rackmount NAS Coming Soon Synology has really been hitting the business/enterprise button hard in 2022, with several very high-profile top-tier solutions introduced into their portfolio (with rackmount/rackstation solutions seemingly getting the lion’s share of attention). Today I want to discuss a couple of new entries into the […]