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(Early Access) The OWC Jellyfish NAS Series Nomad, Studio & Jupiter for Video Editors
(Early Access) Phison X APEX 56GB/s SSD with 20M IOPS / DRAMless E31T Gen5 Update / USB4 Native(U21)
(Early Access) Jonsbo N5 NAS Case - OH YEAH!
(Early Access) Cyberpunk on the Flashstor Gen 2 and Transfer Tests on the Lockerstor Gen 3 NAS
(Early Access) $300 24 Port 10G + 2.5G Managed Switch - Too Cheap? Too Expensive? (Review)
(Early Access) Minisforum MS-01 - But As a NAS Drive? (Review)
(Early Access) CWWK Q670 Gen 5 NAS 8-Bay Board Review
(LONG VERSION) ECC vs On-die ECC DDR5 Memory - What Is The Difference?
(Early Access) CWWK X86 P5 M.2 NVMe NAS Board Review
(Early Access) AOOSTAR GEM10 Flash NAS Review
(Early Access) AIFFRO K100 Mini Flash NAS Review - New Kind of Flash NAS?
(Early Access) Terramaster D8 Hybrid - Should You Buy?

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The QNAP TS-765eU 1U NAS Revealed [2024-06-13 09:56:50]
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The Synology Solution Exhibition 2024 - EVERYTHING Revealed [2024-06-04 10:00:50]
The Synology ActiveProtect DP Series - DEDICATED BACKUPS [2024-06-04 10:00:26]
Terramaster Reveal the F2-424 2-Bay Prosumer NAS [2024-05-21 15:23:17]
Official UniFi NAS Drive - Coming Soon? [2024-05-21 10:05:24]
Asustor Lockerstor Gen3 NAS Revealed [2024-05-12 15:43:14]
Asustor Flashstor Gen 2 Revealed - AMD Ryzen, ECC Memory, Gen4 SSDs, Dual 10GbE! [2024-05-10 10:29:51]
Terramaster Launch the D8 Hybrid HDD and NVMe DAS Box on Kickstarter NOW [2024-05-07 16:05:42]
QNAP Launch QTS 5.2 in Beta - What's New? [2024-05-02 13:32:26]
UGREEN NAS - 1 Month Later, Should You Back it, or Bail on it? [2024-05-01 09:41:06]
Terramaster D8 Hybrid HDD and NVMe Enclosure Launching Soon [2024-04-16 15:15:32]
DISCONNECT YOUR D-LINK NAS FROM THE INTERNET NOW! (Hard Coded Vulnerability Discovered) [2024-04-10 10:47:15]
Terramaster Release TRAID+, An Alternative to RAID 6 [2024-04-09 06:49:11]
Introducing the WD Red Pro 24TB: A Reliable Workhorse for NAS Systems [2024-04-02 16:34:48]
Introducing the New TS-216G: Your 2-Bay 2.5GbE NAS Solution! [2024-03-15 11:18:32]
Terramaster Release the TOS 6 Beta - Download Included [2024-03-15 09:00:02]

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Hello I'd like to buy a NAS to sync my devices and set up a mediaserver for 3-5 users. and maybee host a blog/simple homepage some time in
Hi guys, I've watched a heap of your videos and being a bit a tech geek, I get what you're saying on each video but after watching multiple
I am looking to purchase a NAS drive for home use to store family photos, videos, Movies, documents and backups. I was comparing the Synology DS 4
For the same price do you prefer the qnap ts-453e or que qnap ts-464 ?
I am replacing two WD 500 GB Enterprise Storage HDD's and would like to know if any SSD will suffice. If not, what product is recommended.
Hello, Help please. A friend gave me their old NAS but the new Plex is incompatible with it apparently. I'd like to get a new one that can sto
Hello, I've been watching the channel for a while now, and I absolutely love the content and I'm thankful for the amount of time you put in
Hi, I'm following your guide to build the Nas on JONSBO N3, I prefer the I5 option but i'd like to stay away from REALTEK NICs since they Wa
I am looking to invest into a Synology NAS for basic home use. Primarily to backup photos, and some videos. I may look into using it as a Plex/Je
Looking for thoughts or opinions on this board.


QNAP @ Computex 2024 – Everything They Showed

What Has QNAP Planned for 2024 and 2025? QNAP unveiled a variety of new hardware and software solutions at Computex 2024, designed to cater to both personal and business users. Among the highlights is a USB-to-10GbE connectivity adapter, which promises to bring high-speed network capabilities to devices that previously required PCIe cards. Additionally, they will […]


Their new update have quite few bug fixes. [REPLY]
Q3 most likely. [REPLY]
release date? [REPLY]
If it fitted a standard ATX PSU, that would be perfect. SFX is still more expensive, for the same performance. And if we maximize the N5 potential, we star [REPLY]
This is just a regular USB disk enclosure, there's nothing special about it's construction that would limit it's usage with non-TerraMaster hardware. Insi [REPLY]
I'm pretty happy with my DXP4800 plus as far as hardware goes. Thanks for the teardown, that was really helpful.. I pretty much intended to swap out the OD [REPLY]
I got My Ugreen DPX 6800Pro two weeks ago. I have so many issues, for instance, when I connect a thunderbolt unit to start the population process, it reco [REPLY]
Huhhhhh I just bought a N3 and wanted more expansion slots and at least mATX support… while N4 doesn’t fit my graphics card, N5 seems to be the dream c [REPLY]
+1 [REPLY]
add my voice to the disappointment re for DS1824+ / DS1825+ !! [REPLY]
I own the H670 version without vPro and am also very impressed. However I noticed that it is apparently not possible to enable the tunables for both NICs [REPLY]
where did you find this compatbility list, i try to change my g3250 with a Xeon1240V3 but my nas don't start with [REPLY]
The biggest benefit I would hope to see from it is interrupting the existing NAS space by making more affordable 10Gb hardware. If UniFi can come in with [REPLY]
1. Thermal performance? Did you test the CPU for thermal performance under load? Is the heatsink sufficient? Is the fan required? have not done 2. The i [REPLY]
Good stuff, I actually ordered one of these after seeing it on the CWWK YT channel. Took 3 weeks to get a shipping notification, and that was a few days af [REPLY]
yes but it also have 2 - 9 pin 2.0mm pitch USB which i would like to use with 1-dual usb 2.0 (one for keyboard and one for SD card reader) and maybe just o [REPLY]
Is it possible to use like a 14700k or 14900k with this mobo? I am thinking about a 240 mm AIO instead of an air cooler since the pump that gets placed on [REPLY]
SMR is always noticeable, regardless of whether it's drive or system managed. In particular, performance plummets in sync-heavy write scenarios. That is to [REPLY]
I'm a little puzzled about the Toshiba MQ01ABD vs MQ01ABDV drives... Here, it reads that the "V" drives are CMR whereas the non-"V" drives are SMR. Is this [REPLY]
p5's bios seem no support pass-through devices under hyper-v [REPLY]

Computex Taipei 2024 | News, Updates, and Innovations

EVERYTHING Revealed at Computex 2024 Welcome to the Computex Taipei 2024 Megathread on NASCompares! As one of the world’s largest and most influential tech trade shows, Computex Taipei is the hub for groundbreaking announcements in the data storage industry. Throughout the event, which runs from June 4-7, 2024, we’ll be providing up-to-the-minute coverage of all […]

Asustor Lockerstor Gen3 NAS Revealed

Asusor Reveal the Lockerstor Gen 3 NAS series in 4, 6, 8 and 10-Bay With the recent reveal of the Asustor Flashstor Gen 2 and a recent refresh of a number of their cost-effective units being refreshed to Gen 2 versions, you would be forgiven for thinking that this slightly smaller brand in the world […]

QNAP Launch QTS 5.2 in Beta – What’s New?

The QNAP QTS 5.2 Beta is Now Available Most people who own a NAS drive, for business or for pleasure, will realise very early on that the software that these systems arrive with is more than just simple file/folder storage access. In particular, the QNAP QTS system software and services is one that has evolved […]

The Best 10GbE NAS Drives – 2024

A Guide to the Best 10GbE NAS Drives Data continues to grow exponentially, with everyday devices generating substantial amounts of data. High-resolution photos, 4K Ultra HD HDR movies, and internet connections surpassing gigabit speeds have become the norm. This surge in data creation and transfer has highlighted the limitations of the traditional 1GbE (RJ45) LAN/WAN […]