Qnap QSW-M2106PR-2S2T Half-width Rackmount 10GbE and 2.5GbE PoE++ Layer 2 Web Managed Switch [2022-11-30 09:25:20]
Terramaster U4-211 4-Bay rackmount NAS [2022-11-25 16:07:58]
TerraMaster F4-211 a 4-bay NAS with Realtek 1619B [2022-11-24 16:14:39]
Synology 12-bay Expansion Unit RX1223RP [2022-11-23 08:56:59]
Synology SA6400 is a 12-bay 2U rackmount using AMD EPYC 7272 [2022-11-23 08:42:22]
TerraMaster F2-211 NAS with Realtek 1619B [2022-11-22 15:57:17]
Qnap QM2-2P-344A and QM2-2P-384A [2022-11-21 16:03:19]
Synology NAS and M.2 NVMe SSD Storage Pools - FINALLY! [2022-11-16 16:37:48]
Synology DS923+ 4-bay 10GbE NAS now officially released [2022-11-16 10:31:29]
Dual-band AX3000 3-Pack (MK73) Nighthawk Dual-band WiFi 6 Mesh System [2022-11-15 16:11:44]

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What do you mean by "non-XS"? I was about to buy the EXOS X20 18TB for my DS1621xs+.... not a good idea? [REPLY]
You should update your kWh costs … in Germany it’s in average 0,50eur per kWh starting from January 2023 [REPLY]
yes i can confirm that. MARS or Google API compress the fotos and videos. it also removes the location tag. took a photo with my Google Pixel 6. File size [REPLY]
Can this procedure be replicated with a RAID 0 setup? [REPLY]
Asustor AS6704T. And Qnap has some alternatives as well. [REPLY]
Was looking at some 8TB WD Red Plus drives on Amazon. They were $129 each. Then I noticed that they are 128MB cache. I went directly to the WD site and f [REPLY]
My TS-464 came with an ADATA 4GB module, I upgraded to 16GB by replacing it with 2 * 8GB ADATA model# [REPLY]
Thanks for including Canada! [REPLY]
Thanks Eddie Box have some now, but nowhere else, like you say hopefully some more appearing in a week, really like the 4-slot solution, shame there is no [REPLY]
I just bought the TS-464 for a small business and want to run Virtualization Station. The NAS came with 4GB of RAM ADATA ADS2666J4G19-BSSZ. What would t [REPLY]

I have 40tb of data on my synology on 5x16tb exos shr. I bought the f5-422 to do backup of it in traid. What is the best way to connect them so a ba
Hi On the compatibilty list of the DS1621xs+, I can only find the EXOS X16 16TB. Do you think the Exos X20 18TB would work just fine and would you r
I have a QNAP TS420 it got hit with the deadbolt malware this year. If I have another QNAP nas as a backup directly connected to the TS420 via USB or
Hi, I had an old NAS that I could download torrents to and stream from using FTP. I am looking for a new NAS I can log into from outside my home ne
I am buying my first NAS specifically with plex in mind. Currently I just have 20t stuffed into my PC (there has to be a better way lol) a simple 4 ba
Hello NAS Compares form! I have noticed in “Resource Monitor” in the Connections section that our home Mac desktop is connecting to the NAS usi
Hi, I have a DS418 Play with its stock 2GB of ram. Will it accept an upgrade of 2x8gb of DDR3L, 1866mhz, 1.35v Thanks in advance
Regular consumer of your videos and just watched re 923+. Slowly moving to 10Gb network on all Unifi kit. Installed E10G21-F2 some time back. Now w
Hello Gentlemen, I appreciate your contribution in the field of data storage. Your content has tremendously helped me thus far (by far more than any
hi, I was watching/learning your YT video (, and I have questions: 1. what if my P


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The Synology DS923+ NAS 4-Bay Revealed Note – Our Synology DS923+ NAS Review is now live and you can find it HERE Finally, it’s confirmed. It has been quite a long wait, hasn’t it? Synology has really taken its sweet time in revealing their new prosumer diskstation 4-Bay, the DS923+ NAS and now that we […]