Terramaster D8 Hybrid 10G DAS Review

Review of the Terramaster D8 Hybrid Storage System What IS the D8 Hybrid and why is this brand’s newest device getting a lot of media attention of late? Terramaster has been a name in the world of NAS for quite a few years, but what about DAS? Unlike Network Attached Storage, Direct Attached Storage is […]

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Synology DS423+ Vs QNAP TS-464 NAS Comparison

QNAP TS-464 or the Synology DS423+ NAS Drive – Which Should You Buy? Choosing Between the Synology DS423+ and QNAP TS-464 NAS is more than just about how you are spending your money at checkout! Making a move away from 3rd public cloud storage can be a big, BIG decision for some users. The ‘freemium’ […]


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Good afternoon, My name is Michael! I need *help*. I’m happy to pay for the assistance as well, but, I need someone I can talk to over the pho
I have 2 Sonos. I don't use Spotify or similar. I have a USB HDD with all my music on it. For years I've been streaming my music from it by
Thank you so much for the reply. I really liked the DS1522+, but I ended up returning it and went with a QNAP TS-464, mainly for budgetary reasons. I
I'm looking for a NAS for home, and also to host some of my private projects (in docker). 2 bay NAS should be sufficient for my data, and 2GB RAM. W
https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004999784255.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.1fd038da43jHQi&mp=1&gatewayAdapt=glo2isr https:/&
I used to use unraid as a temporary measure. and it helped move things to another storage device. but I started looking more to flash storage more and
Hello there, I am relatively new to the world of NAS and would appreciate some guidance from the more experienced members of this community. I am l
Subject: Assistance Required for Mapping QNAP NAS TS-431K Network Drive in Windows Explorer Over the InternetDear Sir,I hope this message finds you we
Hey, first thank you for everything you do, I guess said from the whole community!! So my plan is to build relatively low in electricity demand Homela
What factors should one consider when trying to choose a raid option? I plan on getting a 4bay qnap nas to replace google drive, photos, do some plex


Terramaster D5 Hybrid DAS Review – Fast Enough?

Review of the TerraMaster D5 Hybrid Storage System In this review, we delve into the TerraMaster D5 Hybrid Storage System, a versatile and cost-effective solution designed to meet the diverse storage needs of both personal users and small businesses. Combining the high capacity of traditional HDDs with the rapid performance of NVMe SSDs, the D5 […]


The biggest benefit I would hope to see from it is interrupting the existing NAS space by making more affordable 10Gb hardware. If UniFi can come in with [REPLY]
1. Thermal performance? Did you test the CPU for thermal performance under load? Is the heatsink sufficient? Is the fan required? have not done 2. The i [REPLY]
Good stuff, I actually ordered one of these after seeing it on the CWWK YT channel. Took 3 weeks to get a shipping notification, and that was a few days af [REPLY]
yes but it also have 2 - 9 pin 2.0mm pitch USB which i would like to use with 1-dual usb 2.0 (one for keyboard and one for SD card reader) and maybe just o [REPLY]
Is it possible to use like a 14700k or 14900k with this mobo? I am thinking about a 240 mm AIO instead of an air cooler since the pump that gets placed on [REPLY]
SMR is always noticeable, regardless of whether it's drive or system managed. In particular, performance plummets in sync-heavy write scenarios. That is to [REPLY]
I'm a little puzzled about the Toshiba MQ01ABD vs MQ01ABDV drives... Here, it reads that the "V" drives are CMR whereas the non-"V" drives are SMR. Is this [REPLY]
p5's bios seem no support pass-through devices under hyper-v [REPLY]
the thing i did not like is the propriety sata ports can you tell if usb 2.0 ports are standard or do i have to find something that works if i want to us [REPLY]
Does anybody know whether the Topton boards with SAS connectors work with Icy box 8 drive 2x 5.25 bay containers that also have SAS connectors on the back [REPLY]
Looks nice....Synology: your move. [REPLY]
Although the facial recognition is very good a have a few caveats that makes it VERY time-consuming when you have a lot of photos. I have around 40K pictur [REPLY]
DDR5 does have some ECC (error correction code) capabilities, which allows it to detect and fix single-bit memory errors. This feature is known as Built-in [REPLY]
DDR5 does have some ECC (error correction code) capabilities, which allows it to detect and fix single-bit memory errors. This feature is known as Built-in [REPLY]
So the table shows 8 expansion bays for each skew. I guess that means one quad bay m.2 box plugged into each USB4 port (or a quad hdd box for backups). [REPLY]
You will need individual SATA cables for each drive. If there is not enough connections you will need a card that adds extra SATA ports. [REPLY]
Can you please give an example what cabling would be needed to attach four SATA HDDs to this? Are there adapters for the 4-Pin power output to SATA powe [REPLY]
Based on what I see here. Gigabyte Z790M AORUS ELITE AX (6x sata and 3nvme) as the main pcie x16 can be split to to x8 x8 Utilise a Fast NIC of your [REPLY]
Appreciate the idea of recruiting others to express all your views together. Definitely helped me to make up my mind on purchasing one. Sounded good initi [REPLY]
It is similar size as ds1821+ with its 166 x 343 x 243 mm [REPLY]


UGREEN NASync DXP8800 PLUS Review UGREEN continues to push forward with its NASync series of NAS devices and although the range is pretty broad, the device in the lineup that business/professional users are looking at as an affordable alternative to Synology and QNAP is the big 8-Bay model – The UGREEN DXP8800 PLUS NAS. Pretty […]


UGREEN DXP480T NASync SSD NAS Review What exactly IS the DXP480T? Ever since UGREEN launched their NASync range of NAS devices on Kickstarter, there has been a lot of interest in this computer accessories and peripheral company making its big move into Network Attached Storage. No doubt hoping to challenge this market’s leaders Synology and […]

UGREEN NAS Drive – Should You Buy?

The UGREEN NAS Drives – Should You Back This Kickstarter? The UGreen NAS series has recently been launched on Kickstarter, presenting an exciting opportunity for enthusiasts and potential users to engage with what the product promises. However, as with any product, especially those launched via crowdfunding platforms, it’s crucial to approach with a balanced perspective, […]

Synology CC400W Camera Review

Synology CC400W Camera Review Remember when Synology was only famous for its NAS? Yeah, me neither. Among all the server brands discussed here at NAS Compares, few have created such a diverse portfolio of home and business solutions, covering a wide array of peripherals and accessories, as Synology has. Although their CCTV and security application, […]