Are NAS Drives Safe?

Are NAS Drives Safe Enough to Use in 2024? Are you a NAS owner? Perhaps you are considering buying a NAS based on a recommendation from a friend, work colleague, IT professional or even myself (Robbie) on YouTube. The appeal of owning your own server, cutting the connection with your subscription cloud providers such as […]

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Terramaster Release TOS 6 (Beta) – What’s New?

Terramaster NAS Release TOS 6 in Beta The release of Terramaster TOS 6 Beta for NAS devices marks a significant milestone in the evolution of NAS operating systems, with an array of new features and comprehensive improvements designed to enhance user experience, system performance, and security. This sixth iteration introduces a radically redesigned user interface […]


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D-Link NAS Hard-Coded Credential Security Vulnerability Discovered - DISCONNECT FROM THE INTERNET NO [Wed, 10 Apr 2024 10:51:25 +0000]
Are NAS Drives Safe? [Wed, 10 Apr 2024 09:38:35 +0000]


I got my ds923+ from your recommendation and I couldn’t be happier, thank you I wanna buy a second one to clone the 923 Hyper backup has an
Hi, I hope you are doing well. Since all the prices of services are going up, I would like to build me a NAS to use mainly with Plex (4K ) and
Hi, I am in 2 minds as to what NAS i should buy. Currently I have a 5 bay Synology NAS, that's quite old and no longer in support from it'
Hi, I am in 2 minds as to what NAS i should buy. Currently I have a 5 bay Synology NAS, that's quite old and no longer in support from it'
I’d like to move my tv to an iot network at home but I would not be able to access Plex since the nas is on my normal network. What is a secure way
Over here in Cambodia we don't have a choice of the full range of products from both QNAP and Synology. The 2 4 bay units available here are t
Hi, Do you have any recommendations for a Jonsbo N2 NAS Build using promox and GPU with HDMI passthrough to a ubuntu VM inside? I want to use my NAS
Hi, I have a Synology DS920+ where it's routing all the network via Nord VPN in the network settings on the Synology NAS itself. This works as i
Hello, i couldn’t find a direct comparison on your channel for Asustor Flashtor 6 vs QNAP TBS-464. My primary purpose is to have a good plex server
Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my DS923+. Was reading this:


The Jonsbo N4 NAS Case Review

Jonsbo N4 NAS Case Hardware Review – Technically ‘Jonsbo N2 and a Half’? I think it would be fair to say that in the world of DIY NAS building, few brands have achieved a similar level of notoriety and acclaim as Jonsbo. This Chinese brand, once non-descript and relatively unknown, promises efficient and cool server […]


What about DS116? [REPLY]
There position on 3rd party software is completely understandable.. they have no control over UNRAID and TrueNAS etc, these boxes are sold as NAS Appliance [REPLY]
Hi. I'm using the F4-424 PRO as a NAS and home server for a couple weeks now, and in general super happy with the device. The hardware itself is excellent [REPLY]
I recently bought an RS1221+ that was bundled with 8x 16TB (ST16000NT0001-3LV101) drives. I understand from [REPLY]
What a load of tosh [REPLY]
I would highly recommend you to check PhotoSync App for Android and iOS which allows you to trigger several backup destinations and decide if you want to r [REPLY]
I don't understand why do they even waste so much valuable resources in creating a software that will always be under the market leaders. They could easily [REPLY]
When testing, you should leave the UPS plugged in and flip the switch instead of pulling the plug as you are effectively severing the ground connection, an [REPLY]
The DS224+ is a network-attached storage (NAS) device manufactured by Synology, known for its reliability, performance, and feature-rich software. Here's w [REPLY]
Hello NasCompares. Thaks for all the great media that you put out. I have had home servers for a few years starting with an HP Mediasmart server. and even [REPLY]
Could you enlighten us on the backup options? Is it basically a vendor lock in that takes your data hostage? To access C2 requires a regular subscription t [REPLY]
Very interesting comparison! Thanks! Two comments: 1. Do I correctly assume the article's references to a "DS723" are just typos & should be read [REPLY]
HI I've one (D2-300) and I'm quite happy with it I'm planning to buy a mini pc on which I'll install proxmox and TrueNas, Unraid or OMV as a VM My quest [REPLY]
A board I'd never seen before popped up.....figured multiple SFP and rj45 ports along with much storage connectivity might be right for some of you. From [REPLY]
The Storaxa campaign was definitely a scam. Consider the following: The address that Storaxa / Arrotrack provided is not a legitimate address: Room [REPLY]
Hey Guys, I haven't seen one, but would love to see a video comparing the ecosystem provided by the main commercial NAS vendors. By ecosystem I mean suppor [REPLY]
How about ? Some RPI N [REPLY]
Hello, isn't the max RAM for DS923+ 64GB? [REPLY]
Cases are nice, but what about hardware inside? Good, Better, Best Motherboard and CPU, ECC Memory to use? [REPLY]
I found the 'Space Auriga' while looking for an alternative to the N4. A brief spec sheet is available here ( a [REPLY]


UGREEN NASync DXP4800 PLUS Review (Pre-Release) With many newcomers stepping into the network-attached storage arena, aiming to compete with established giants like Synology and QNAP, UGREEN’s entry is one of the most confident I’ve seen to date. UGREEN, a brand that has existed for quite some time in the computer accessories arena, seems to have […]

(UPDATED) Best CPU+Motherboard Combo for Your M-ITX NAS Build – ECC, PCIe Gen 5, 4×4 NVMe and More

CPU and Motherboard Bundles to Build a DiY NAS (UPDATED) It’s fair to say that the DIY NAS construction journey has seen remarkable simplification over the past ten years. With a variety of custom cases hitting the market, designed to help you create a streamlined personal cloud, and the advent of bundled compact ITX motherboards […]