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(Early Access) What Is Cloud Data Egress - And Why it SUCKS!
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(Early Access) The PROs and CONs of UniFi Networking
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Im looking for a 1U rackmount NAS which supports 8 to 10 enterprise SSD's. Ideally it would support a decent CPU/RAM to host VM's but t
Hi I am thinking of purchasing 4x Western Digital Red SN700 -WDS100T1R0C SSDs for my Asustor AS6704T. What is your opinion on the choice of usin
I've been viewing your NAScompares Youtube videos (which are very good btw) and decided to buy a DS423+ NAS enclosure. My problem is finding Tos
I need a NAS that can support a moderate-sized 4k video library and 1TB max. storage for a sole-proprietor business. I'm a novice, so it should
I have a Intel NUC that I'm using as an Unraid server. I have several 2,5" SSD's and several M.2 drives that I would like to add to the
Hi, Firstly i have to say you are really great in explaining and comparing NAS setups. I have been watching a lot of your videos and for someone w
Purpose: - Business use and highest level of encryption for customer data - VM usage for many services which will be running for a small business le
I recently learned of Drobo's demise, The best thing about the ecosystem was there "Byeond Raid" technology. What alternatives are ava
Hello, I want to update my home storage from JBOD 2-bay enclosure, 102 ReadyNAS, & external G-RAID So that I have a 4-bay NAS with the ability t
This is my first time getting a NAS drive so U wondered if there was a suggestion for easiest for beginners, otherwise something from Synology sounds


The OpenSSH regreSSHion Vulnerability – TURN OFF SSH RIGHT NOW ON YOUR NAS

New OpenSSH Vulnerability Could Impact NAS Users: What You Need to Know (Updated 3rd July 2023 with QNAP Advisory and TrueNAS implementation of the OpenSSH official Patch) A critical vulnerability in OpenSSH, dubbed “regreSSHion” and assigned CVE-2024-6387, has been discovered by researchers at Qualys. This flaw, which allows for unauthenticated remote code execution (RCE) with […]


The DXP 8800 Plus has 2*120mm fans and not 2*92mm like you wrote!!! [REPLY]
I'm guessing this will now be an RS1225+ when it ever gets released? Wonder what the holdup is... [REPLY]
And what if Syno will add an AI capable chip in the new 1825+ (1625+) to enhance their apps? It's better to test that things on prosumers and small compani [REPLY]
I'm still missing the successor of the RS1619xs+. You mentioned it already two years ago in the 2023 Rumours. [REPLY]
This NAS now ships with an i3-N305 CPU. I have one. be aware that the BIOS does not handle 1440p displays, so you need to use 1080p or 4K display. [REPLY]
I am going to object to the term " Enterprise". Maybe the hardware is (or at least those big-boxes), but I have started a queste on the management of thes [REPLY]
4 units of the Pro version can be seen when zooming in on the 'Deployment' picture on the 'Cloud Gateway' >> 'Large Scale' page. [REPLY]
Are the WD Gold Enterprise 4TB drives suitable for Synology 920+ NAS? [REPLY]
I just bought this NAS in Germany, I Confirmed – it has two internal RAM slots, one with a Kingston 8GB DDR4 module! [REPLY]
@nascompres TrueNAS Core update available here: [REPLY]
Any idea when we can expect general North American launch? I can't seem to get a straight answer as to when I can actually purchase a unit.. [REPLY]
My experience has been less than expected. I recently purchased five IW 20 TB drives and three of them were defective. The OS could see the hardware but [REPLY]
Likely around $1000 [REPLY]
Well explained terminal install (I'm not very confindent with term terminal commands) and worked for me. Thanks for the effort on this. [REPLY]
Whats the price on this QNAP TS-765eU 1U? [REPLY]
To add a side note to these instructions. I've found that it's even more important that a replacement DOM is used (Or at the very least the stock one is pr [REPLY]
Yes, they have already supported it in the Locker store 2 generation [REPLY]
Ditto [REPLY]
Can anyone advise what the maximum supported storage capacity is for the Asustor AS5404T? I've scoured just about every tech doc on their site and any dat [REPLY]
How did you manage to enable aspm? I have an Intel ARC on mine and no matter what i do it draws 22W on idle. :/ [REPLY]

Phison Show Off @Computex 2024

Phison at Computex 2024 – What Was On Show? Note – this is a pre-launch article based on what I saw on the setup-day of cOMPUTEX 2024 (3/6/24). A fuller update to this article will be made after the Computex Launch day on 4/6 and a YouTube Video too. A regular veteran of Computex, Phison […]

Terramaster D8 Hybrid 10G DAS Review

Review of the Terramaster D8 Hybrid Storage System What IS the D8 Hybrid and why is this brand’s newest device getting a lot of media attention of late? Terramaster has been a name in the world of NAS for quite a few years, but what about DAS? Unlike Network Attached Storage, Direct Attached Storage is […]