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Synology DSM vs QNAP QTS – Which NAS is Better for You?

Synology DSM vs QNAP QTS NAS Software & Hardware Comparison When buying a NAS drive, it’s important to consider the software included with the purchase. Brands like Synology and QNAP offer different software designs, user priorities, and learning curves. Even if you plan to mostly use third-party software, you will still need to interact with […]

Build Your Own NAS vs Buying a NAS?

Is it Better to Buy a NAS or Build One Yourself? Have you ever looked at the cost of popular Network attached storage devices from brands such as Synology and QNAP, then looked at the price tag and thought “wait…HOW MUCH?!? I could build my own NAS server for much less than that”? Well, you […]

Introducing the All-New TrueNAS SCALE 22.12: The Ultimate Solution for Hyperconverged and Scale-Out Storage

Introducing the All-New TrueNAS SCALE 22.12: The Ultimate Solution for Hyperconverged and Scale-Out Storage

iXsystems, the leading provider of Open Source storage solutions, has announced the launch of TrueNAS SCALE 22.12 “Bluefin”, the second major version of their hyperconverged storage operating system. The software is designed to provide enterprise-grade file, block, and object storage, while also supporting the deployment of applications and virtual machines (VMs). TrueNAS SCALE 22.12 is […]

QNAP TS-462 NAS Drive Review

The QNAP TS-462 NAS Drive Review As we begin the year 2023, the Network Attached Storage (NAS) market has undergone quite a transformation, with all the top-tier brands introducing new and exciting offerings for both home and prosumer users. Synology, for example, has been shifting its focus towards the home and business market with a […]

QNAP TS-262 NAS Drive Review – Next Gen Home NAS?

The QNAP TS-262 NAS Drive Review The NAS market at the start of 2023 has really been shaking things up, with moves by all the top tier brands attacking the home and prosumer tier of private server buyers with very different wares on offer! Whilst Synology have been shifting the home/business point of a number […]

QNAP TS-264 NAS Drive Review – Ultimate 2-Bay NAS?

The QNAP TS-264 NAS Drive Review For those looking to transition from cloud-based platforms to a more compact private server, the QNAP TS-264 NAS is a highly desirable option for many. The latest release in QNAP’s flagship series of Prosumer/SMB hardware, the TS-264 represents the most advanced iteration of this product line to date. This […]

How to set up Time machine backup on Synology NAS

Steps to set this all up Create NAS user for time machines access only To create a NAS username for use only with Time Machine on DSM 7 (Synology DiskStation Manager 7), follow these steps: Log in to the DSM web interface as an administrator. Go to the “Control Panel” and click on “User.” Click […]

To migrate between different Synology NAS models

To migrate between different Synology NAS models

To migrate between different Synology NAS models This section explains how to perform migration between two different Synology NAS models. For example, migrating data from a DS716+ to a DS1520+. Sign in to the source NAS. Go to Control Panel > Update & Restore. Make sure that the source NAS is running the newest version of DSM. If a newer version is […]

A Guide to Choosing the Right UPS for Your Synology or QNAP NAS Drive

An Easy Guide to Buying the Right UPS for your NAS System The popularity of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) has risen significantly in recent years. Not just for businesses, but for home users as well, who often have limited power setups such as houseboats, pop-up offices, and mobile homes. The value of having a safety […]

Synology 2-bay NAS range compared (DS220j, DS218play, DS223, DS220+, DS723+)

Synology 2-bay NAS range compared (DS220j, DS218play, DS223, DS220+, DS723+)

Synology 2-bay NAS range compared Model DS220j DS218play DS223 DS220+ DS723+ Estimated Price $186 (18th Jan) $229 (18th Jan) $249 (18th Jan) $299 (18th Jan) $449 (18th Jan) Processor model Realtek RTD1296 Realtek RTD1296 Realtek RTD1619B Intel Celeron J4025 AMD Ryzen R1600 Number of CPUs 1 (benchmark score: <1000) 1 (benchmark score: <1000) 1 (benchmark […]

Terramaster T6-423 NAS Review

Review of the Terramaster T6-423 6-Bay NAS I think it would be fair to say that in their 2022/2023 series of desktop devices, Terramaster has really, REALLY been putting its foot on the accelerator! Although often considered very much the value brand in the network-attached storage industry, the speed at which this company continues to […]

Synology DS723+ NAS – Should You Buy it?

Synology DS723+ NAS Drive – Does It Deserve Your Data? The Synology DS723+ NAS is one of the most capable 2-Bay systems that the brand has ever released, featuring a number of series-firsts in terms, yet still maintaining largely the same price point as the other two bays in the plus series to date. However, […]

Synology SA3410 & SA3610 SAS/SATA based NAS released

Synology SA3410 & SA3610 SAS/SATA based NAS released Introducing the Synology SA3410, the latest in the line of NAS storage solutions from Synology. This powerful storage server is designed to meet the needs of small to medium–sized businesses and comes with a range of features to make it an ideal choice for any business. The […]

Synology DS223 NAS Drive Released

Brand New Synology DS223 Value Series NAS Released Hot on the heels of their recent releases in the Synology Plus range, Synology has now revealed a new Value Series 2-Bay NAS – The Synology DS223 NAS. Powered by a newer generation Realtek ARM v8 processor, this is the first entry into a no doubt soon […]

Synology DS223 released in Taiwan

Synology DS223 released in Taiwan.  The new Synology DS223 is a powerful and versatile network-attached storage solution that is perfect for both home and business use. With its Realtek RTD1619B processor, this device is able to deliver lightning-fast performance and support for a wide range of features. One of the key features of the DS223 […]

Synology 2024 NAS – Confirmed Releases, Rumours & Predictions

EVERYTHING We Know About Synology NAS Hardware and Software for 2023-2024 Synology has always been the ‘Apple’ of the NAS industry, approaching the launch of their newest hardware/software releases with a sense of gravitas and importance (global launch events, hosted digital streams, etc) that is only matched by the sheer blanket of secrecy they maintain […]

Synology DS723+ NAS Review

The Synology DS723+ NAS Review – Tremendous 2-Bay? Synology has always maintained a remarkably envious position in the NAS industry over the last decade or so. Although they didn’t ‘invent’ the idea of a private server in the home/office, they were the first to give the concept a fantastically consumer and accessible presentation. Over that […]