QNAP QSW-M2108-2C Switch Review – 2.5G/10Gbe and Managed!

QNAP QSW-2108-2C 10Gbe & 2.5Gbe Managed Switch Hardware Review The full range of QNAP network solutions is certainly expanding fast! Staying on top of their new releases outside of NAS has been quite a rollercoaster and with newer managed switches on the way, new NAS+Switch combos and even a growing range of Wifi 6 and […]

QNAP TVS-672X and TVS-872X 10Gbe NAS Revealed

QNAP TVS-672X and TVS-872X NAS Drive Revealed QNAP has been setting up to launch some key hardware in 2021 and as news of their recent hardware releases lands, one device that one could consider a combination of New and Old is the newly revealed QNAP TVS-672X and TVS-872X Intel Core 10Gbe NAS systems. Following in […]

Synology RS3621xs+ NAS Hardware Review

Synology RS3621xs+ Rackmount NAS Review – Is it Innovation or Limitation? If one thing has become abundantly clear in the world of network-attached storage even early in 2021, it is the Synology have really started focusing heavily on the enterprise sector. As a brand, Synology has tended to juggle three very important areas of storage, […]

Best Hard Drives for NAS – Get It Right First Time – 2021 Edition

Choosing the Best Hard Drives for your NAS For those of you that have decided to buy a NAS server for Home or business, choosing the right hard drive media to put inside can be incredibly difficult. NAS drives, much like the knives, spoons and forks in your cutlery drawer are all designed to be […]

Synology HAT5300 Hard Drive Review

Synology HAT5300 Hard Drives – Worth Your Data? When Synology first announced that it was entering the hard drive market, I think it would be fair to say that reactions were mixed. On the face of it, the idea that one of the biggest brands in network-attached storage (NAS) was going to start producing their […]

Synology RS1221+ NAS Review

Synology RS1221+ Rackmount NAS Review – Is it Innovation or Limitation? Rackmount servers have undergone something of a shift in the eyes of the buying public in recent years, with the once heavily enterprise associated hardware architecture of a rack deployed server becoming available in a form that is so close to desktop form, that […]

QNAP TS-473A, TS-673A and TS-873A NAS Drive Revealed

QNAP TS-473A, TS-673A and TS-873A Desktop NAS If you have been looking at the QNAP SMB range of hardware solutions in desktop, you may have noticed that there is a range between the Prosumer and Business Class that has been rather overdue for a refresh for a while The existing QNAP TS-x73 range, first released […]

Samsung SSD Buyers Guide to Pro, Plus, EVO – Get It Right First Time

Understanding the Samsung Range of SSDs – Pro, Plus, Evo Of all the SSD brands in the home and business sector, there are not many brands that have had the meteoric impact on the memory and SSD market that Samsung has. One of the earliest providers of flash technology for the consumer and commercial level, […]

QNAP QGD-3014-PT Review – NAS? NVR? Switch? Why Not All Three!

Does the QNAP QGD-3014-16PT Combined NAS, Centralized NVR and PoE Switch Deserve Your Data? Over the last few years, we have seen some genuinely innovative things being done with data storage. The days of NAS systems being just glorified hard drives that you access over the internet are long gone and have given way too […]

Seagate Ironwolf Pro vs Synology HAT5300 – NAS Drive Guide

Choosing Between Synology HAT5300 and Seagate Ironwolf Pro NAS Hard Drives Choosing the right hard drive media for your NAS system used to be so simple! The choice when populating your NAS could be narrowed down to Seagate Ironwolf, WD Red and Toshiba N300. Then enterprise drives were growing in popularity with WD Gold, Seagate […]

Synology HAT5300 vs WD Red Pro – NAS Drive Comparison

Choosing Between Synology HAT5300 and WD Red Pro NAS Hard Drives When it comes to populating your NAS system with hard drives, it has long been established that for a 24/7 system, you need hard drives that not only perform but also endure. Recently, Synology released their new range of NAS hard drives that are […]

Synology RS3621XS+, RS4021XS+ and RS3621RPxs Specifications Revealed

Brand New Rackstation NAS – FULL RS3621xs+, RS3621RPxs and RS4021xs+ Specifications Revealed Good news for those looking at purchasing a new generation rackmount NAS from Synology, with the news that their 2017 generation XS rackstation series has been replaced with a new 2021 range, resulting in the new RS3621xs+, RS4021xs+ and RS3621RPxs Rackstation NAS. These […]

Synology HAT5300 Hard Drives for NAS – FULL Specifications Confirmed

The Synology HAT5300 Hard Drives for NAS Officially Launched Well, it’s official – Synology has launched themselves into the NAS storage media industry with the release of their HAT5300 range of HDDs. In a move that might not have surprised a huge number of people (given their progression into the server industry), arguably the biggest […]

Google Photos/Drive to QNAP NAS – Idiots Guide To Moving Your Data

A Guide to Moving your Photos and Drive Data to QNAP NAS Today I want to show you guys how to make the switch from your Google Photos and/or Google Drive account and onto a QNAP NAS. Whether you are looking into migrating your data from the cloud to a private server because of safety, […]

New Synology NAS – RS2821RP+, RS2421RP+, SA6500 & FS6600N Uncovered

The RS2821RP+, RS2421RP+, SA6500 & FS6600N – Even More New Synology Rackstation and FlashStation Revealed It really is a busy season for Synology Rackmount solutions! The first part of the year has always been heavily slanted towards business hardware in the server industry and year on year, this has always been when Synology unveil their […]

QNAP TVS-h1288X NAS Plex 10bit 4K, 1080p and 720p Tests (H.264 & HEVC)

Transcoding 4K Media on the TVS-h1288X NAS Plex Media Server Smooth playback of high-end media on a NAS is always something that you cannot really cheap-out on. if you are investing in a new NAS system and are looking for a solution that will last for a good few years alongside your TV/Sound system, then […]

Synology DS720+ vs DS220+ NAS Drive Comparison

Comparing the Synology DS720+ vs the DS220+ NAS Drive Synology is still regarded as one of the most popular brands in the world of network-attached storage (NAS), with a clearly defined portfolio that accommodates home and business user needs accordingly, as well as all supporting the award-winning and remarkably easy to use Diskstation Manager (DSM) […]

How To Switch from Google Photos and Drive to Synology NAS – A Step By Step Guide

A Guide to Moving your Photos and Drive Data to Synology NAS Today I want to show you guys how to make the switch from your Google Photos and/or Google Drive account and onto a Synology NAS. Whether you are looking into migrating your data from the cloud to a private server because of safety, […]

Synology RS1221+ NAS – Should You Buy It?

Why Should You Buy the New Synology RS1221+ NAS? As many of you are no doubt aware, there is a brand new Synology solution available to buy for those looking at a robust, compact, yet fully-featured rackmount 8-Bay solution. The recently released Synology RS1221+ NAS is a reinvention of the popular 8 drive RS1219+ from […]

QNAP TVS-h1688X NAS Hardware Review

QNAP TVS-h1688X NAS Review – Ground Breaking or Hardware Overkill? Businesses these days have tough choices to make when it comes to where they should store their data and despite the seemingly impressive specifications on the TVS-h1688X, knowing whether it is suitable for your needs is no small decision. For many, it is ‘hot’ data […]