WD Black SN850X SSD Review

Review of the WD Black SN850X PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD Before you sink your teeth into the review of the WD Black SN850X SSD, it is important to understand that this is not the same as the widely available and industry applauded SN850 SSD. On the face of it, the difference is simply the […]

WD Ultrastar DC HC560 20TB Hard Drive Review

Review of the WD Ultrastar HC560 20TB Hard Drive for NAS The speed at which Hard Drive technology has evolved has been pretty crazy. Not so long ago, many highly respected journals and tech sites were signing the death warrant of Hard drives, largely down to the growing affordability of SSDs, NAND storage capacity and […]

D-Link DWR-978 5G SIM Router Review

The D-Link DWR-978 5G SIM Router Review If you are looking at a router like the D-Link DWR-978, then chances are that the main appeal is the fact that it is a mobile/cellular data router. The rise in popularity of mobile SIM routers in the last few years has been pretty astounding and part of […]

Terramaster T9-423 NAS Drive Review

Review of the Terramaster T9-423 NAS Drive Terramaster has really been remarkably busy in 2022 releasing their new range of hardware and software developments to their steadily growing audience. Although still considered very much the value brand in the network-attached storage industry, the speed at which this company continues to evolve in order to remain […]

Synology DS920+ NAS – Still Worth It?

Is the Synology DS920+ NAS Still Worth Buying in Summer 2022? First released back in Summer 2020, the Synology DS920+ was the latest generation release for their prosumer 4-Bay NAS series (following the DS918+ and DS916+ before) and quickly gained considerable acclaim. Although not an enormous deviation from its predecessor, it arrived with greater support […]

QNAP TS-253E and TS-453E NAS Drive Revealed

The QNAP TS-253E and TS-453E NAS Drive QNAP has been remarkably loud with their 2022/2023 generation of NAS releases in the first half of the year, with updates to practically all the home/Prosumer/SMB solutions in their portfolio. However, it appears that things have not stopped there, with the reveal of a new mid-range NAS series […]

Synology RS422+ NAS Review – Compact Power?

Synology RS422+ NAS Review – The Compact Ryzen Rackmount Synology has really been hitting the enterprise and high-end business market hard of late! With the brand clearly making moves to try and occupy a place in the highest hybrid cloud and service level storage providers, some have been concerned with Synology’s continued commitment to the […]

Synology DS1522+ NAS Review

Synology DS1522+ NAS Review – And Now for Something Completely Different, sort of… Many who have been following the release strategy of the popular network-attached storage brand, Synology, have been noticing something of a shift towards premium business products this last few years. The brand still features numerous solutions that are targeted toward home, value […]