(UPDATED) Best CPU+Motherboard Combo for Your M-ITX NAS Build – ECC, PCIe Gen 5, 4×4 NVMe and More

CPU and Motherboard Bundles to Build a DiY NAS (UPDATED) It’s fair to say that the DIY NAS construction journey has seen remarkable simplification over the past ten years. With a variety of custom cases hitting the market, designed to help you create a streamlined personal cloud, and the advent of bundled compact ITX motherboards […]

The Synology RS1224+ Rackstation – WHERE IS IT???

Where is the Synology RS1224+ Rackstation? Synology is arguably one of the most popular brands in the entire private server market, and once you then factor in the large number of small and medium-sized businesses migrating away from cloud services and onto their own private NAS, who have been flocking in their droves towards Synology, […]

Samsung 990 EVO SSD Review

Samsung 990 EVO Gen 5 SSD Review It would be fair to say that of all the brands that exist in the SSD consumer and commercial market, few have the recognition and long-running reputation that Samsung has. A mainstay in consumer day-to-day devices, they have also been long-running pioneers in the world of solid-state storage […]

Terramaster F4-424 Pro NAS Review

TerraMaster F4-424 Pro NAS Review We talk about NAS a lot here on NASCompares, and when we discuss ‘value’ and ‘affordable’ servers, more often than not, we will be discussing a TerraMaster NAS system. Long regarded as the more affordable end of the private server market, they have nevertheless come a considerably long way in […]

SK Hynix Beetle X31 USB SSD Review

SK Hynix Beetle X31 10Gb/s USB SSD Review The SK Hynix Beetle X31 SSD enters the storage market with a set of specifications that aim to cater to the mid-range consumer segment. This review sets out to provide an objective analysis of the drive’s performance, build quality, and overall value proposition. More than just the […]