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WD Red Pro 20TB NAS Hard Drive Review & Benchmark

Review of the MASSIVE WD Red Pro 20TB Hard Drive for NAS You really have to stop and marvel at the speed at which hard drives and storage, in general, grow every year. Despite the established rule of Moore’s law that these things double in size every two years, the very idea that Western Digital […]

Synology 2022 & 3rd Party Hard Drives – Can You Still Use Them?

Synology 2022/2023 NAS and WD & Seagate Hard Drive Compatibility If you have been considering a large-scale business or enterprise NAS solution from Synology in 2022/2023, then there is a good chance you have heard about a relatively recent change in how Synology has approached hard drive compatibility in this tier of their portfolio. This […]

Synology SRM 1.3 Software Review Part 5 – USB Storage Services & Conclusion

  Synology Router Manager 1.3 Review Chapters SRM 1.3 Synology Router Software Review, ALL Parts – HERE SRM 1.3 Synology Router Software Review, Part 1, Design & Control – HERE SRM 1.3 Synology Router Software Review, Part 2, Safety & Security – HERE SRM 1.3 Synology Router Software Review, Part 3, Network Management – HERE […]

A-USBLAN-2.5G Terra-Master USB to LAN adapter

A-USBLAN-2.5G Terra-Master USB to LAN adapter A-USBLAN-2.5G The A-USBLAN-2.5G is a 2.5Gb USB to Ethernet adapter specially adapted for TerraMaster TNAS devices. Connect the Ethernet adapter to a TNAS’s USB 3.0 host to obtain up to 2.5G bandwidth on your TNAS. It is backward compatible with 10/100/1000Mbps network environment, and supports IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, […]

Max Hard Drive Size on Synology NAS

Max Hard Drive Size on Synology NAS I am still unclear on this. Is it possible to fit either 18TB or 20TB Ironwolf Pro Hard drives into a DS1821+ and a DX517 Expansion unit and get the extra storage over and above 16TB? Yes, Synology are too slow on hard drive testing. It takes a […]

Qnap TS-664 quad-core 2.5GbE NAS with M.2 NVMe cache

TS-664-4G CPU Intel® Celeron® N5105/N5095 4-core/4-thread processor, burst up to 2.9 GHz CPU architecture 64-bit x86 graphics processor Intel® UHD Graphics floating point operations encryption engine (AES-NI) hardware acceleration shift system memory 4 GB SO-DIMM DDR4 (1 x 4 GB) maximum memory 16GB (2 x 8GB) memory slot 2 SO-DIMM DDR4 For dual DIMM configurations, […]

Qnap TS-464 quad-core 2.5GbE NAS with M.2 NVMe cache

The QNAP TS-464 and TS-664 NAS Coming Soon QNAP has now finally started sharing details of their prosumer/SMB 4/6-Bay for 2022 with the soon to be arriving TS-464 and TS-664 NAS Drives. Even at a casual glance, these are almost certainly the new version of their flagship series (though details on a 2-Bay TS-264 are […]

TerraMaster D2-300 2-bay USB3.1(5Gbps) Type-C enclosure with cloning feature

Unique and Innovative TerraMaster D2-300 is a 2-bay USB hard drive enclosure with high-speed hard drive clone feature and misoperation protection. The tool-less hard drive tray allows you to quickly replace your hard drive while also providing protection for the hard drive. The intelligent temperature-controlled fan ensures that the hard drive is at an ideal […]

What are the Quietest hard drives (HDD)

What are the quietest hard drives (HDD) Maybe use these Apps to measure noise levels: Or leave a comment with your preferred app. If you know or use a certain type of drive, share noise levels with others in a table below!

WD Red Pro 20TB NAS Hard Drive Released – WD201KFGX

WD Red 20TB NAS Hard Drives Now Available Good news for anyone looking at buying a new NAS system and wanting to max out their storage on day one, or users looking up increasing their existing storage, with the release of the new WD Red Pro 20TB NAS Hard Drive. Arriving with the same level […]

How to set up time machine backups to a NAS directly connected via LAN

How to set up time machine backups to a NAS directly connected via LAN? Connect MAC and Synology directly via the switch or LAN to LAN with manual IP. On a MAC Launch ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple menu  (or Spotlight) Click on the “Network” icon. In the lower right, click on the ‘Advanced’ […]

Seagate Firecuda Beskar Ingot External USB Hard Drive Review

Seagate Firecuda Beskar Ingot USB External Hard Drive Review Generally, I rarely review USB drives here on NASCompares, as aside from external casing differences, they are generally all ‘much of a muchness. So, why am I breaking this rule today and reviewing the Seagate Firecuda External Hard drive? Well, let me explain. Buying a USB […]

New Seagate 20TB Ironwolf Pro and EXOS Hard Drive Revealed

Seagate 20TB Irownolf Pro and EXOS Hard Drives for NAS/Server It’s been in the pipeline for a while (originally revealed way back in Jan 2020 with hopes of arriving in Q1 2020 and developed deployed in the background since) that Seagate has had a planned 20 Terabyte 3.5″ SATA and SAS hard drive for 24×7 […]

Best Quietest Hard Drives (HDD) list

My Pegasus 32 R6 DAS device’s 8TB Toshiba MD06ACA800V (surveillance models that came with the device) drives are very noisy with all the clicks, whirls pings etc. It is connected to my Mac Mini and it is used for storing datafiles, photographs and some videography. The Pegasus gets very noisy during the frequent TimeMachine backups […]

List Of compatible NVME M.2 SSD for Synology NAS cache

List Of compatible NVME M.2 SSD for Synology NAS When choosing NVMe for caching you need to look at reliability ratings such as DWPD/MTBF. Here are a few on the list Caching means a lot of read and write operations, unlike regular storage situation. You would need to look at models with 0.5DWPD and […]

2.5GbE USB adapter for Synology

  2.15.0-4 DSM7.0  – credit to bb-qq/r8152 Added support of ASUS USB-C2500.     USA     UK 2.5 GbE USB adapter for Synology Note: The installation will fail the first time. After that, run the following command from the SSH terminal: sudo install -m 4755 -o root -D /var/packages/r8152/target/r8152/spk_su /opt/sbin/spk_su Users of DSM 6.2 should use past releases. […]