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Terramaster T9-423 NAS Plex Testing – 4K

How Well Does the Terramaster T9-423 NAS Perform as a Plex Media Server? Of all the brands that I discuss here on NASCompares, very few have evolved with the speed that Terramaster has. Although coming up on a decade in the commercial network attached storage industry, they have managed to carve an impressively sized portion […]

QNAP TS-453E NAS Plex Media Server Tests – 4K and 1080p

How Well Does the QNAP TS-453E NAS Perform as a Plex Media Server? The QNAP TS-453E NAS Drive serves as an interesting desktop release in the brand’s portfolio. Arriving with a hardware architecture that is similar to the slightly more expensive TS-464, but with the hardware inside geared less towards expandability and more towards day […]

QNAP TS-410E Plex Media Server NAS 4K & 1080p Tests

How Well Does the QNAP TS-410E NAS Perform as a Plex Media Server? Today’s article is about how well the new QNAP TS-410E 4 Bay Silent NAS performs as a Plex Media Server when confronted with a range of 1080p and 4K multimedia. The appeal of accessing all the movies, boxsets, music and home movies […]

Synology RS2423+ and RS2423RP+ Rackstation is Coming

New Synology RS2423+12-Bay Rackstation Coming for 2022/2023 The Synology RSx23 and DSx23 Range are shaping up to be one of the busiest ranges from Synology for quite a few years, with recent information passed to me on a new 12-Bay expandable Rackstation solution, the Synology RS2423+ NAS. This new system information arrives alongside those of […]

QNAP NAS Attacked By Deadbolt AGAIN – What Happened?

New Reports of Deadbolt Ransomware Attacks on QNAP NAS via Photo Station It would appear that the Deadbolt ransomware attack that has been a persistent pain for QNAP (and other NAS brands) in 2022 continues to remain current, with new reports emerging of further attacks of NAS systems in September 2022. The vulnerability that has […]

Synology RS422+ Plex Media Server NAS Tests

How Well Does the Synology RS422+ NAS Perform as a Plex Media Server? The rise in popularity of rackmount NAS servers being used as Plex Media Servers by home users has been surprisingly swift, largely thanks to more and more NAS brands releasing affordable (yet powerful and efficient) rack solutions. The Synology RS422+ Rackstation solution […]

Synology DS2422+ Plex Media Server NAS Tests

How Well Does the Synology DS2422+ NAS Perform as a Plex Media Server? In 2022, Synology has been slowly garnering a reputation for prioritizing business users over home/prosumer users more and although a number of their mid-range/SMB solutions have arrived with hardware pricetags that are in the budget of home users, there is no avoiding […]

QNAP TS-233 Plex Media Server NAS Tests

How Well Does the QNAP TS-233 NAS Perform as a Plex Media Server? Deciding on buying a NAS for use as your own private Plex Media Server is NOT an easy choice for many users. Although the building blocks of NAS servers are comparable to domestic PCs and Laptops, NAS systems are alot of focused/specific […]