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How to Mesh the MR2200ac & RT2600ac with a Synology RT6600ax Router

What You Need to do to Mesh Your RT6600ax, MR2200ac and/or RT2600ac Routers Together As you may have already heard, Synology has rolled out the Release Candidate of SRM 1.3 for all their router devices, now available on the official download pages (HERE for the MR2200ac and HERE for the RT2600ac), as well as a […]

Synology 2022 & 3rd Party Hard Drives – Can You Still Use Them?

Synology 2022/2023 NAS and WD & Seagate Hard Drive Compatibility If you have been considering a large-scale business or enterprise NAS solution from Synology in 2022/2023, then there is a good chance you have heard about a relatively recent change in how Synology has approached hard drive compatibility in this tier of their portfolio. This […]

Upgrade Your Laptop to Wi-Fi 6E for just $30 – Upgrade Guide

Wi-Fi 6e Laptop Upgrade – Why Should You Upgrade? There was a time when upgrading a laptop was a largely impossible task. Laptops may be a significantly more portable, durable and convenient alternative to Desktop PCs, but due to their use of more efficient components and smaller-scale parts, upgrading them can be a remarkably difficult […]

Guide to 2.5GbE Network Switches

Buying the Right 2.5GbE Switch Switch First Time Whether you like it or not, 2.5 Gigabit ethernet is very much a THING in 2022! From ISP routers and gaming desktops, to USB adapters and PCIe cards at $25, the access to 2.5x traditional 1GbE network speeds is pretty much 100% for everyone now. The ease […]

Synology Unofficial Memory Upgrades – 2022 UPDATED

Everything you need to know about Upgrading Synology NAS Memory If you have purchased a new NAS Drive in the last few months, then chances are that you would use it to the best of its abilities by increasing the memory to the maximum in order to run more apps and allow more users to […]

Synology DS1522+ vs DS920+ NAS Drive Comparison

Comparing the Synology DS920+ vs DS1522+ NAS – Which Should You Buy? The Synology DS920+ NAS was first released in the Summer of 2020 and it has been, arguable, one of the most popular NAS drives that the brand has ever produced. In the two years since then, it has continued to remain popular, has […]

Synology DS1522+ vs DS1520+ NAS Drive Comparison

Comparing the Synology DS1520+ vs DS1522+ NAS – Which Should You Buy? Let’s be honest. Network Attached Storage (NAS) is much the same as any other kind of consumer-available technology, in that every few years a brand will release the latest hardware in its portfolio and buyers will IMMEDIATELY start comparing it versus its predecessor. […]

QNAP TS-464 vs TS-453D NAS Comparison

QNAP TS-464 or the TS-453D NAS Drive – Which Should You Buy? Are you considering the QNAP TS-464 now it has been released? Or thinking of saving some money and opting for the predecessor TS-453D that is currently on sale? It’s a tough decision for some that want to ensure value for money, yet remain […]

Synology DS920+ vs QNAP TS-464 NAS – Which Should You Buy?

QNAP TS-464 or the Synology DS920+ NAS Drive – Which Should You Buy? Choosing Between the Synology DS920+ and QNAP TS-464 NAS is more than just about how you are spending your money at checkout! Making the move away from 3rd public cloud storage can be a big, BIG decision for some users. The ‘freemium’ […]

Synology DSM vs TrueNAS – Which is Best?

Synology DSM 7 vs TrueNAS Core – Software Comparison Choosing between these two incredibly popular platforms for secure storage, accessing and sharing your data is not easy! With Synology and DSM, you have a premium hardware+software platform that easily emulates entire operating system levels of features, with an incredibly user-friendly design, initiative controls and a […]

WD Black SN850 vs WD Black SN770 SSD – Which Should You Buy?

The WD Black SN850 or SN770 SSD – Which One Should You Buy? Should you buy the WD Black SN850 from 2020 or the WD Black SN770 from 2022? Two drives from the same brand, in the same product series and build on the same interface and protocol – yet remarkably different in price, performance […]

Which Backup Method is Best?

What is the Best Way to Backup Your Data Every Day? I know it is not going to be shocking news when I say that Data is really, really important. That should not come as a staggering fact. If you found this article thanks to a rather perceptive google search, then clearly you think data […]

Are QNAP NAS Safe? Are ANY NAS Drives Safe?

Are QNAP NAS Drives Safe Enough to Use in 2022? Are you a QNAP NAS owner? Perhaps you are considering buying a QNAP NAS based on a recommendation from a friend, work colleague, IT professional or even myself (Robbie) on YouTube. The appeal of owning your own server, cutting the connection with your subscription cloud […]