Back-up remote websites, directly to the NAS

I’m looking for a FTP client (not a server!) for DSM, to back-up remote websites, directly to the NAS. Currently i’m using GoodSync for Mac to backup 30+ websites from MAC and backup them to the shared NAS folder in my LAN. Looking for a automated way to backup/sync with similar options like GoodSync. Any ideas, or perhaps a suggestion for a next YT video? Thanks in advance!

You could play around set up rsync service and it would work. Or if you run websites on WordPress then Jetpack backup is also a good solution. But if you need something professional then GoodSync will be very difficult to replace with something else. It has features which are hard to find in other software solutions.



Here is some more infor from their website:


GoodSync Server for Linux-based NASes

GoodSync Server for Linux NAS is installed directly on the NAS.

It serves files to GoodSync Connect clients in a fast and efficient manner:
* it is faster than SMB (Windows Shares),
block-level delta copy works properly,
* no problems related to SMB client-side caching and bugs.


NASes come from different manufactures, with difference processors.

Here you can find installer for all major NAS platforms that allow installing software.


Real Time Data Transfer


Automated, scheduled, and real-time backup and synchronization with no user interaction required.

Block Level Data Transfer


Propagates only the data blocks changed since the last analysis, significantly reducing backup time, network consumption, and storage requirements.

Unattended Service


Runs as a background service, performing automated, scheduled, and real-time backups with no user interaction required.

Data Encryption


Improves security by applying AES-256 bit encryption to your mission critical data in transit and at rest.

Version History Control


Saves single or multiple versions of your data change history, ensuring maximum protection and minimal data recovery time.

Copy Locked Files


Guarantied backup and synchronization of files that are simultaneously open on users’ devices.

Automated Conflict Resolution


GoodSync detects file/folder renames and executes them as Move commands.

ACL Propagation


Capable of monitoring and propagating file security attributes across the Internet maintaining same access permission levels at different locations.

Bandwith Throttling


Controls the maximum allowed bandwidth speed per GoodSync job, eliminating unwanted disruptions to other essential services.




Additional GoodSync Features

  • Logs of Actions and Changes Report: All changes are reported, with file modifications, on the tree. All file operations performed by GoodSync are logged to log file and on screen. A change report is available for tracking and analysis.
  • Fixing Access Denied Errors: A part of GoodSync always runs in elevated mode, so it handles file operations that would otherwise cause Access Denied error and require User Account Control elevation.
  • Copy Symbolic Links or Drill Down: Symbolic links can be copied as links (copy as is) or as files to which they are pointing.
  • Automated Conflict Resolution: Automatically resolves conflicts that occur between data versions, securing the winning side while also saving the overwritten version.
  • Verify File Copying by MD5: GoodSync can compare files by their MD5 checksum or compare entire file bodies to ensure correct copying.
  • Automatic Reconnect for Remote Folders: GoodSync automatically reconnects remote folders if they lose connection during Analyze or Sync.
  • File Mod Time Translation For Non-Preserving File Systems: For file systems that do not preserve file modification time when copying, GoodSync implements a novel time translation technique that make mod time appear to be preserved by copy action.
  • Time Shifts Are Detected And Fixed: When modification time of number of files is different by the same whole number of hours, GoodSync can correct file modification time without copying the file.
  • Copy Extended Attributes: GoodSync copies extended attributes of files that are used to store custom icons on Mac.
  • Parallel Threads: You can run sync in several threads, working in parallel to achieve faster file transfer speed.
  • Exclude and Include Filters: Files can be excluded from synchronizationbased on name pattern, size, mod time.
  • Portable Paths for Removable Drives: You can specify folder path that starts with volume name, so that your volume is found no matter what disk letter it uses.