Backing up mobile phones and tablets – Qnap NAS

Backing up your mobile device to a NAS
A mobile backup is the best way to ensure the data on your smartphone or tablet is protected in case
either the data or device is damaged, lost or stolen. Mobile backup is also the easiest way to transfer
data from your old device to a new one.

To back up your mobile data to NAS:

  1. Make sure that your mobile device and your NAS are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Using the web browser on either a computer or mobile device, open the NAS interface.
  3. Open the QNAP App Center.
  4. Search for Acronis Mobile and install the application.
  5. Start the application.

A QR code will be displayed. Please do not close this window.

On your mobile device:

  1. Download and install the Acronis Mobile app from Google Play or App Store (depending on your
  2. Start Acronis Mobile on your mobile device.
  3. Select NAS as a backup destination. Tap Scan QR code and then point your camera at the QR code on
    the computer screen. Wait until the mobile device is connected to the NAS.
  4. Choose the data categories you want to back up.
  5. [Optional step] Enable the Encrypt backup setting to protect your backup with a secure password. If
    you do not want the app to ask for the password when accessing the backup from your mobile device,
    turn on the Remember password setting. You can turn it off later in Settings.
  6. Tap Back up now.
  7. Allow Acronis Mobile to access to your personal data.


Once the backup has started, you can track its progress on your mobile device.
When the backup is complete, your data has been successfully uploaded to your NAS. If you want new
or changed data to be backed up automatically, make sure the Continuous backup setting is turned on. If
this setting is turned off, your new data will only be backed up when you manually tap Back up.
Refer to Acronis Mobile app settings for details