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I am looking for a NAS system that will encode 4K as I have a 4K tv, I already have a ts451 which is older now so am thinking of upgrading to maybe the Ryzen 5 based Qnap ts677. My dilemma is I want to use this for plex, I have a LaCie 20tb thunderbolt 2big drive so weighing up the thunderbolt 3 of the 453bt3 as I can directly plug in the Thunderbolt 3 and it has an HDMI for direct connection to my tv vs the Ts677 superior chip, ram and I note you name it as the current best plex system.
Does having a Nvidia shield mean I should use the Ts677 and the shield to access the content and play the 4K not needing to add a graphics card for the HDMI or playing on my tv? Any help would be much appreciated the sole purpose is really just as a plex based NAS system. I will be putting in 4*6tb ironwolf drives in either that I already have FYI

The cheapest and fasted storage device will always be a DAS. The TS-453BT3 is a 10GbE + Thunderbolt solution with a performance 300-400MB/s with hard drives inside. But the CPU will not be powerful enough to transcode 4K on PLEX. It would do 4K with internal Qnap Video app.

When TS-x77 series came out, the CPU power blew our mind. It is super fast. And it also did transcode any file we tested. But we also had an experience with someone who tried to push this box to its limits. He installed gforce graphics card for hardware transcoding and HDMI2.0 port and tried to transcode 60Gig 4K media H265 10.bit format. This was the limit this box could do (it started to struggle with that). Since then my previous love to x82 series has returned again. I do thing intel core i7 is so far the best hardware for Plex transcoding.

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