Best NAS for WEB apps and database under 500

I am trying to get the technical setup needed to build a data source and then host a web app on it. I have a series of scripts that need to run daily and append to the data source database, and will also need an environment where I can build the web app, test it, and make sure it can function/talk with the data before trying to push it to a more commercial platform (I’m a hobbyist considering making the jump to entrepreneur).

I feel like a NAS set up is ideal because it provides a central place for all my data (with backup), as well as act like a server with the ability to run the scripts/scheduled jobs and host the webpage/app. But I’m unsure…

I’ve looked at the Synology DS218j and + with 2 2tb drives, but I’m too new to the field to feel confident that this is really what I need.

The cheapest option would really be DS218j, but it is very basic NAS. The DS218 would let you not only build/test web apps but also make it public and accessible over the internet. It is all possible with only a few clicks. Then you don’t need pay for the hosting. But once you start getting hundreds of visitors every day then you might consider having it moved to a regular hosting or more powerful NAS like DS218+ / DS718+ (the best 2 bay NAS) (All under 500 pounds).

Aside from web server function, it will of course do regular tasks like backups and network storage.

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