Best way to transfer all data off the NAS to onsite backup NAS

On the home side we have 3 Macs using Time Machine backup, family photos (mostly raw images), family videos, tons of documents and extremely important data.
– On the business side I’m a commercial photographer shooting tethered to my laptop connected and storing directly to the NAS with large raw images. I do a lot of photo editing in Photoshop of those images stored on the NAS, and a little video editing as well. I have 10’s of thousands of raw images stored on the NAS and manipulate them from the NAS via Lightroom, Capture One, or Photoshop. Both my wife and I have tons of business documents on the NAS.

With the given situation, what’s your recommendation to transfer existing data and settings to the new primary NAS? I’m at a point I could transfer all data off the NAS, take notes of the most complex settings, wipe it completely and start over, though I’d need to be careful.  What’s the best practice to backup a primary NAS to another NAS keeping viruses and ransomware in mind? Hyper backup?

If you have a time and you do not want to do configuration from scratch then you can do as follows.

First, move old drives into the new DS918+ NAS (tutorial). You can back up settings before you that. Moving to the new unit will take a few minutes. After that just restore setting from the configuration backup you made earlier (video).

Then upgrade your new NAS with bigger drives – one by one (Tutorial). Once all drives are upgraded you will finally see upgraded total capacity (during upgrade system will treat bigger drives as big as smallest drive in the RAID).

Then you are left with data synchronization between your new NAS and old one. You can choose Rsync (Tutorial) method to synchronize data between two NAS systems or you can use Synology ShareSync for instant on the fly synchronization (tutorial).

This is the safest upgrade scenario. But to speed things up, you might build new NAS with new drives in the first place. Then copy data from old NAS to the new one (using backup, network transfer or rsync ). And then reconfigure everything from scratch.

Another alternative to moving files quickly is mapping old NAS as a network drive on a new NAS. Find a link to the instructions below.


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Best practice for migrating my data from old NAS