Can Apple computer and a Windows computer backup at the same time?

Our house has a couple of Apple users and a couple of Windows users. The Apple users have an Airport Time Capsule that has been fantastic, we love Time Machine – but it’s getting old and needs replacement.

If we get a NAS drive to replace the Time Capsule, should we also get a separate NAS drive to handle the backup for the Windows users? Or can both Apple and Windows be handled on the same NAS drive?

If they were both on the same drive, what would happen when an Apple computer and a Windows computer were trying to backup at the same time?


Yes, you can back up several MAC and Windows computers simultaneously. I would recommend to schedule backup tasks through out the day/night to reduce the number of backup tasks at any given time. But there is no problem doing backups at the same time. I would just consider a NAS model with multiple LAN ports. This allow you to activate load balancing. More ports connected will give more bandwidth for every computer for their backup tasks. I would suggest DS718+ (2bay with 2 LAN ports) , DS918+ (4 bay with 2 LAN ports) or DS1819+ (8 bay with 4 LAN ports).

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