Cheapest 40GbE switch

40G Switches

Businesses working in video editing industry and virtualization environments need something called the speed. The fastest you can go is 40GbE – Thunderbolt3 direct attached storage device. But what about teams. In order to allow all users to connect at the maximum available speed we need better connection. The 40GbE optical connections will allow to connect miles long distances at uninterrupted speeds. Bigger speed will also requite more drives or even SSD combined in the array called RAID. All this together ensure the bandwidth and speed for every user. Next step is to decide how many connections you will need. You can have as little as 2 and as many as 32 and more.

The 2 port 40GbE Switch

The 4 port 40GbE Switch

The 6 port 40GbE Switch

The 20 port 40GbE Switch

The 32 port 40GbE Switch