Christmas Mail

A Sincere THANK YOU from NASCompares!

As 2022 draws to a close and many of us prepare to spend some long overdue time with our families and friends, myself* and Eddie the web guy wanted to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our I.T enthused hearts for taking the time to donate to NASCompares. This is not an email intended to drum up more donations or an effort to promote our channel or services further (as you have already donated, it would be rather ‘preaching to the choir’ a bit). No, this email is to sincerely thank you for taking the time to donate and support our YouTube and Website. It would have been so, so easy for you just to watch our videos, read our articles, use the free advice section, and then leg it with the justification that ‘those ads will keep the lights on’. You could have done that and that’s fine and dandy. But you went the extra mile! You donated to us (whether through the advice section or just point-to-point on Paypal) and that money went directly into making content. This year we have published 335 videos, produced 195 Articles & Guides, created 381 Comparisons and News Pages and helped 3,580 users in our free advice section & forum, and it simply would not have been possible without heroes like you who donated! This money also went into purchasing new equipment for our studio for better sound, better video production quality, and better testing equipment leading to us slowly but surely revisiting all of our older-gen videos to update them to the latest setup.

Thanks to your donation, we were able to fully explore the following new subjects on NASCompares:

  • TrueNAS Core and TrueNAS Scale
  • UnRaid Installations and how-to guides coming in 2023
  • Deeper coverage of 4K Multimedia on NAS
  • Expand into the topic of NAS Security and Safety
  • Coverage and Testing of Mammoth 20TB and 22TB Hard Drives
  • Start our ‘Data News of the Week’ weekly news round-up (returning in 2023 after a pause during a slew of new releases this Autumn/Winter)
  • Exploration of the subject of the Energy Cost of NAS and the TCO you need to know
  • Extensive PCIe Gen 4 SSD Coverage and Testing
  • Deeper and Meetier Software Reviews (spanning hours in length)
  • Thunderbolt 4 and USB 4 Hardware and Performance Testing (Big series on this coming in Jan)
  • Deeper focus into Routers, as well as exploring WiFi 6E and the 5.9Ghz Band
  • Purchase of a toy seagull for when the anger builds up
  • Updating our buyers guides, as well as introducing whole new brands and subjects for new ones
  • Improving the quality and quantity of our content on Surveillance cameras
  • A wide range of web tools developed by Eddie to assist users in finding the best Price per TB drive for their needs, the most efficient Energy Cost and Performance Scaling

Let me reiterate, we do not receive any financial subsidy from the brands we cover to facilitate the content we make (with the exception of a recent WD campaign to promote 10yrs of WD Red, which went towards a server upgrade) as this allows us to be independent of outside influence. Sadly, this does mean that the majority of hardware that is unable to be provided by the brand for hands-off-review collaboration, we have to purchase ourselves. This is why we are so fantastically grateful that you took the time to donate to support us and further support our passion for this subject. So, thank you for being incredible and we look forward to keeping you informed, assisted and entertained (ok, that one might be pushing it) in 2023!

*one for the objective pronoun fans…