Connect Macbook pro 13 touchbar to 10GbE

I have installed a dual m.2 PCIe card (for cache) with 10gbe, that connected to my Netgear 10Gbe switch and to my PC/Hackintosh 🙂 with 10gbe card, I couldn’t be more happy with the results.

The thing is that I have also a Macbook pro 13 touchbar, that as you know only has Thunderbolt 3/ usb 3.1 connections, but not 10 gbe ports

So I was thinking to buy the QNAP Dualport USB 3.1 PCIe card (USB-U31A2P01) to upgrade teh TS-873, hoping that could access the folders and files on the NAS directly with my mac through the Thunderbolt 3 ports, (as if it was afp or smb connection through ethernet)

That sounds like a perfect 10GbE setup there. With a new MAC and other Chromebook style laptops it might be confusing what you can or can’t connect. You can connect USB adapter to RJ45 enabling 1GbE connection to your network. But with Thunderbolt you can do something much more amazing. There are two adapters available letting you connect to the 10GbE network. One is from Sonnet – Solo10 and other is Akitio Thunder3. Both available from SPAN.COM. Having this connection you can already consider light video editing or photo editing or simply fast data transfer directly from a NAS device.