Wondering how you can contribute? We would be grateful if you share your experience with your NAS or any IT equipment.

We would appreciate things like

-Speed tests (simple copy/paste screengrabs showing top speed)

What is the NAS you are using? Network cards, switches and cables.

-Noise tests

What is the NAS. What hard drives you are using. Are you measuring noise at the front or back. How far from the device?

-Energy consumption tests

What is the NAS and what drives you are using? How heavy is the use of CPU and RAM?

-Pictures of your setup

Do you use it in conjunction with UPS, rack cabinets and switches etc. People love to replicate Gaming/ Youtube and similar setup from the experts.

-Long term user reviews

Only after few months of using a NAS people can actually notice PROS and CONS. People value genuine reviews like this. Mention your model and time you been using it.

-Compatibility (HDD, NVME,RAM)

People are often curious about the drives they can use or RAM they can upgrade with. Let people know about the NAS model and how to populate or upgrade.

-Upgrades you have done

Maybe you used third-party RAM, CPU or maybe GPU cards. People love to upgrade their systems, but what components will work or not?

-Best Apps and software you use

No one knows about third-party apps like KODI or Emby or any other apps that are not advertised by NAS manufacturers. Share your must-have apps with others.

-Configuration Advice for better Performance & Security

What is the best RAID and jumbo frames and other monsters? New users would appreciate a little help on configuring their NAS or entire setup.


Please share your knowledge with other NAS users.

Simply send an email to