CrashPlan on Synology NAS

Main reason is for newer ds software version to accommodate online backup of my NAS files and possibly Plex. Had previously been using pcloadletter hack to backup via crashplan but they’ve changed things on the backend now. Even though I upgraded to crashplan for small business, its no longer working.

Looked at doing OneDrive, but ds 5.2 limits version of cloudsync and remote paths can’t be selected. Therefore, looking at the ds218+ or the ds418play. Want to either set up docker to work with crashplan or just use newer version if cloudsync to onedrive. Since upgrading, may want to get in to using Plex and not sure I necessarily need transcoding. While it could prove more flexible, I ultimately would at least like to playback my 4k HDR backups of discs. The DS 410 I have now can sort of do so via Kodi, but it struggles a bit, I think with large files. To be honest, I may not even be looking at an upgrade if my online backups were still working but the ds410 is 8 yrs old and it’s probably time.

Upgrading to a new NAS will open much more possibilities of different kinds of backing up and synchronizing data. With 418play or 218 you can play and even transcode media on Plex. It has even alternative to things like Dropbox or CrashPlan. Synology Drive app will let you synchronize data between any computer or mobile device. Also, version control is available as well as snapshot technology. C2 Synology cloud will let you backup NAS to the cloud. Or having two NAS systems will let you synchronize data between them just in case one is stolen or broken. If you want to run CrashPlan on the docker, then you are looking at the right NAS options- you need plus series for that (218+, 718+ or 418play, 918+).




  • Free unlimited storage for one month.
  • Protect and manage as many devices as needed.
  • Easily recover and restore your data from a ransomware attack.
  • Trusted brands such as Adobe, MIT, and Expedia are protected by CrashPlan.

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