Dropbox Alternative – Synology Drive or QNAP Qsync 

Can I use NAS just like Dropbox? Dropbox Alternative – Synology Drive or QNAP Qsync  .
What I mean is
1) can I add nas in windows explorer and open any excel file directly and save it so that other user gets updated file.
2) Can I use the files when I am offline too or when network down and sync later when I come online.
3) How easy to install qnap or synology into system compare to Dropbox.
4)what are the major difference between dropbox and NAS in terms of software

You can actually do many more things compared with Dropbox when using NAS. This included accessing files and sharing them locally and over the internet. Also access previous versions of files or entire folders. Encrypt the folders and data transmission. Also have entire office software replaced with Google Docs like alternative free of charge. And that is less than a tip of the iceberg what you can do with a NAS.

Answering the questions:

  1. You can add one or more drives to your windows explorer or MAC file explorer. You can add drive which will connect you documents, other one for music and so on.  If you do not want to add network drive or want to synchronize folders when away from local network- use a Qsync or Drive app. If you want this network drive in windows explorer (or MAC) to work over the internet as well (not just local network) you can use WebDAV on both Synology and Qnap. All files will be instantly synchronized.
  2. If you want to use files when offline you will need to use Qsync or Drive app. This works the same way Dropbox app. Selected folder will be instantly synchronized. You access files without internet. When you get back to internet files will be automatically synchronized.
  3. Installing Qsync  or Drive app is as easy installing Dropbox app. I have added links below for MAC and WIN machines.
  4. The difference between dropbox and NAS- is purely speed and security. Every month you can read about new case when hackers have broken into systems and stolen customer data. This will be very unlikely scenario with a NAS. It will be always at your home or work. The folders or entire drives can be encrypted so even if someone physically steal your NAS- they can not access data. Also the speed of backup is much faster. If you have big files this is very useful.

QNAP Qsync 



Synology Drive



What is the best NAS for file synchronization?

Depends what protection level you need.

No redundancy – Synology DS118 or Qnap TS-131P

One drive redundancy – Synology DS218j or Qnap TS-231P2

Two drive redundancy – Synology DS418j or Qnap TS-431P


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Can I syncronise my Dropbox with a NAS?

Yes, you can merge several Dropbox and other cloud drive service providers together on the NAS. You can select certain folders or files to keep synced. Here are some screenshots of how to do that.


You can select multiple folders, exclude file types all with one schedule task.



To Synchronize multiple folders, you need to create separate synchronization tasks for each folder. You can exclude files similar like with Synology.