DS918+ and DS1018+ compatible M.2 NVMe SSD

DS918+ and DS1018+ compatible M.2 NVMe SSD

Determining the SSD Cache and Monitoring SSD Cache Performance
The aggregate size of hot data and appropriate cache size can be determined with the help of Synology
DiskStation Manager’s SSD cache Advisor, where the number of unique files1
accessed in the last seven days
and their aggregate size will be displayed. For example, if the accessed file size is 200 GB daily, the
corresponding SSD Cache size should be 200 – 300 GB to ensure that all hot data can be accommodated

SSD Cache on Synology NAS
Read cache can be created with only one SSD. If larger read cache or read-write is required, two SSDs of the
same model and make must be installed in the server1
. For read-only cache, the SSDs are configured using
RAID 0. For read-write cache, SSDs are configured using RAID 1 to ensure data integrity in case one SSD fails.
Once installed, each SSD Cache can be attached to any one volume or iSCSI LUN (block level) in the system. If
a volume has SSD Cache enabled, the iSCSI LUN (file level) on the volume will also benefit from the increased

Writing Data to SSD cache
Synology SSD Cache employs a write-back cache approach in read-write cache to accelerate write operations.
When the Synology NAS receives a write request, it stores the data on SSD cache blocks and then
acknowledges the write operation to the application server.


My personal choice is Samsung 960 EVO and 970EVO. Samsung also offer 970 Pro for extra wear and tear in big business with hundred or more people constantly accessing data and therefore rewriting the cache all the time.


The synology DS918+ NVMe SSD Slot  From – 

SSDPEKKA256G701 DC P3100 PSF119D
Samsung MZ-V5P512BW 950 PRO 512GB
Samsung MZ-V5P256BW 950 PRO 1B0QBXX7 256GB
Plextor PX-256M8PeGN M8PeGN 1.02 256GB
Plextor PX-128M8PeGN M8PeGN 1.01 128GB
Samsung MZVPV512HDGL SM951 512GB
Samsung MZVPV256HDGL SM951 256GB
Samsung MZVPV128HDGM SM951 BXW7300Q 128GB
Samsung MZ-V7P1T0 970 PRO 1B2QEXP7 1TB
Samsung MZ-V7P512 970 PRO 1B2QEXP7 512GB
Samsung MZ-V7E2T0 970 EVO 1B2QEXE7 2TB
Samsung MZ-V7E1T0 970 EVO 1TB
Samsung MZ-V7E500 970 EVO 500GB
Samsung MZ-V7E250 970 EVO 1B2QEXE7 250GB
Samsung MZ-V6E1T0 960 EVO 2B7QCXE7 1TB
Samsung MZ-V6E500 960 EVO 500GB
Samsung MZ-V6E250 960 EVO 250GB
Samsung MZ-V6E250BW 960 EVO 1B7QCXE7 250GB
Toshiba THNSN5512GPU7 XG3 57XA4104 512GB
Toshiba THNSN5256GPU7 XG3 57XA4104 256GB
Toshiba THNSN5128GPU7 XG3 57XA4104 128GB
Western Digital WDS100T2X0C Black 101110WD 1TB
Western Digital WDS512G1X0C-00ENX0 Black B35500WD 512GB
Western Digital WDS500G2X0C Black 500GB
Western Digital WDS256G1X0C Black 256GB
Western Digital WDS250G2X0C Black 101110WD 250GB


Source: https://global.download.synology.com/download/Document/WhitePaper/Synology_SSD_Cache_White_Paper.pdf