Synology DS918+ 4-bay NAS Features

  • Powerful and scalable 4-bay NAS for growing businesses
  • Encrypted sequential throughput at over 225 MB/s reading and 221 MB/s writing
  • Quad-core processor with AES-NI hardware encryption engine
  • 4GB DDR3L-1866 memory, expandable up to 8GB
  • Dedicated M.2 NVMe SSD slots for system cache support
  • Dual 1GbE LAN with failover and Link Aggregation support
  • Scalable up to 9 drives with Synology DX5172
  • Advanced Btrfs file system offering 65,000 system-wide snapshots and 1,024 snapshots per shared folder
  • Dual-channel H.265/H.264 4K video transcoding on the fly

DS918+ Specs

Do I need NVMe slots filled?

If you need to increase IOPS than it would be recommended to have SSD cache slots filled. It will be used for read/write caching operations. That will improve the speed between data input and output. There is a benefit of having cache enabled if you are planning to use NAS as a database server or for virtual machines. Anything that requires a high number of small data constantly being sent forwards and backward.

Do I need to fill all 4 bays?

No, you can start with a 1 drive only if you wish. Adding 2 drives will give you redundancy benefit. If one drive gets broken, service will be uninterrupted. You can still read and write files on your NAS. The smart choice would be 3 drive option to start with if budget is limited. In this scenario- instead of losing the half capacity to redundancy function, you will lose only 1/3.

Why two LAN ports?

As you have probably noticed, performance reports of DS918+ show similar results with HDD and SSD solutions. Similar hardware NAS from Qnap (TS-453BT3) will perform twice as fast. This is simply based on bottleneck on network connectivity. DS918+ has only 2 network ports performing at max speed 120MB/s each. If you have a smart switch you can double the speed to 2Gb/s by enabling link aggregation. In Qnap setup difference is made by 10GbE card pre-installed. Not always you need data transfer at that speed and dual gigabit port option is more than enough for a NAS solution.

Link aggregated switch necessary for doubling Synology speeds: 

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Add two Gigabit Ethernet ports and a USB 3.0 pass-through port to your laptop through a single USB 3.0 port. This will balance transferred data over two network connection allowing you to receive/send data without overloading your single network connection.

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DS918 for plex?

This will be the perfect solution for a Plex media server. It will be quick enough to let you stream multiple videos at the same time. But it gets even better. It has enough power to transcode video streams on the fly. That will let users stream videos over slower networks like 3G on a mobile phone. It also keeps load lower on your network, letting more devices connect and use network functions.

DS918+ can transcode videos as high as at 1080p resolution. That is still the most popular resolution used still today.

DS video Media Server

For 4K transcoding use DS video app. As it is developed by Synology themselves, it has an access to a transcoding engine – built inside the CPU. This lets you transcode much higher resolution videos without overloading processor itself.



How fast is DS918+?

1GbE SMB – Sequential Throughput via Encrypted Shared Folder (64KB)
RS818(RP)+ RS816 DS918+ DS418play
Read 365.93 151.18 226.05 226.09
Write 261.6 76.76 221.8 185.64
1GbE SMB – Windows File Transfer (1MB file x 3000)
RS818(RP)+ RS816 DS918+ DS418play DS418 DS418j DS416slim
Windows Download 84.39 81.43 92.5 83.95 79.75 82.72 76.94
Windows Upload 62.93 57.48 66.62 64.77 56.97 56.65 47.01
1GbE SMB – Windows File Transfer via Encrypted Shared Folder (1MB file x 3000)
RS818(RP)+ RS816 DS918+ DS418play DS418 DS418j DS416slim
Windows Download 80.73 46.66 81.38 81.38 71.77 71.83 35.13
Windows Upload 40.34 25.91 41.52 42.62 38.87 37.99 17.48
1GbE AFP – Mac File Transfer (3GB file x 1)
RS818(RP)+ RS816 DS918+ DS418play DS418 DS418j DS416slim
AFP Download 93.13 93.79 94.42 93.61 93.25 94.16 94.12
AFP Upload 91.59 88.58 92.95 91.92 90.47 82.15 71.75
1GbE AFP – Mac File Transfer (1MB file x 3000)
RS818(RP)+ RS816 DS918+ DS418play DS418 DS418j DS416slim
AFP Download 68.16 44.51 75.85 67.45 44.65 44.86 61.42
AFP Upload 63.85 57.92 65.22 64.2 58.32 54.96 47.3
1GbE Web Server – PHP Response Efficiency
RS818(RP)+ RS816 DS918+ DS418play DS418 DS418j DS416slim
Responses per second 13134.27 5996.57 13690.33 8457.31 8874.15 5585.42 3317



RAM upgrade options


Max 4GB +2GB = TOTAL 8GB

Crucial Compatible RAM Upgrade 




CPU can only address 8GB per channel (slot). So max 16GB (2x8GB).



Synology tested SMART UPS list:

APC Smart-UPS SMT1000RM2UTW Synology
APC Smart-UPS SMT750TW Synology
APC Smart-UPS SUA1000TW Synology
APC Smart-UPS SUA1500TW Synology


Max size HDD?

HGST HUH721212ALE600 – 0F30144 Ultrastar He12 3D0 12TB
HGST HUH721212ALE604 Ultrastar He12 12TB
Seagate ST12000NE0007 – 2GT116 IronWolf Pro EN01 12TB
Seagate ST12000NM0007 – 2A1101 Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD V.7 SN01 12TB
Seagate ST12000VN0007 – 2GS116 IronWolf SC60 12TB
Western Digital WD121KRYZ Gold 12TB

Compatible SSD

Crucial CT2050MX300SSD1 MX300 2TB
Micron MTFDDAK2T0TBN-1AR12 1100 2TB
Micron MTFDDAK2T0TBN-1AR1Z 1100 2TB
Micron MTFDDAK1T0MBF M600 MU03 1TB
Micron MTFDDAK1T0TBN-1AR12 1100 1TB
Micron MTFDDAK1T0TBN-1AR1Z 1100 1TB
Samsung MZ-75E1T0 850 EVO EMT01B6Q 1TB

Compatible NVMe M.2 sticks

Brand Model Number Series Firmware Capacity  
Intel SSDPEKKW256G7X1 600p PSF100C 256GB
Intel SSDPEKKW010T7X1 600p PSF104C 1TB
Intel SSDPEKKW512G7X1 600p 512GB
Plextor PX-128M8PeGN M8PeGN 1.01 128GB
Plextor PX-256M8PeGN M8PeGN 1.02 256GB
Samsung MZ-V5P256BW 950 PRO 1B0QBXX7 256GB
Samsung MZ-V5P512BW 950 PRO 512GB
Samsung MZ-V6E1T0 960 EVO 2B7QCE7 1TB
Samsung MZ-V6E250BW 960 EVO 1B7QCXE7 250GB
Samsung MZ-V6E500 960 EVO 500GB
Samsung MZVPV128HDGM SM951 BXW7300Q 128GB
Samsung MZVPV256HDGL SM951 256GB
Samsung MZVPV512HDGL SM951 512GB
Toshiba THNSN5128GPU7 XG3 57XA4104 128GB
Toshiba THNSN5256GPU7 XG3 57XA4104 256GB
Toshiba THNSN5512GPU7 XG3 512GB


Compatible cameras

Camera Model Camera Firmware Video Type Motion PTZ Audio
C1 v2.0.0.889_17083000 H.264 Yes PT In
C1 Pro v2.0.0..889_17083009 H.264 Yes PT In
C2 v2.0.0..889_17083009 H.264 Yes PTZ In
RLC-410(W)(S) v2.0.0.1168_16070800 H.264 Yes No In
RLC-411(W)(S) 1168_16070808_v1.0.0.30(Mapping) H.264 Yes Zoom In
RLC-420 1168_16070808_v1.0.0.30(Mapping) H.264 Yes No In
RLC-422 1168_16070808_v1.0.0.30(Mapping) H.264 Yes Zoom No
RLC-423 1168_16070808_v1.0.0.30 H.264 Yes PTZ In



+cache slots built-in

+multi function



-no 10GbE

-no PCIe slot


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