Free Plex Pass functionality with PR4100 NAS

I’m looking at the My Cloud Pro Series PR4100 for my Plex collection. You mentioned the 2100 in one of your articles because of its transcoding ability it looks like the 4100 has the same ability, is this correct?

From everything I have read on from Plex and WD, I should be able to run the Plex Media Server app on the NAS as a stand-alone device. Is this correct or did I miss something somewhere?

WD and Plex have a special relationship between them. Both PR4100 (4 bay option) and PR2100 (2 bay option) will perform video hardware transcoding without an additional license. Normally with free Plex app, you get software transcoding which will push CPU usage throttle up to 90% whilst transcoding. This will affect other tasks and users trying to use other NAS services. With PR series hardware transcoding function will be enabled for free (other NAS would require paid subscription). This will keep NAS processor usage as low as 20% whilst transcoding.

You can have standalone Plex server with a free hardware transcoding included on your PR series 2/4 bay device.

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