HandPicked Prime Deals

Prime Day | Accessories -4K streaming

Transcode 4K video with Shield TV and attach your existing NAS for unlimited movie storage.

Prime Day | Backup data Recovery

Backup your NAS on a external drive and take it with you in case of burglary, fire or flood. Also get a free recovery service if your NAS or backup disk gets broken.

Prime Day | NAS with WiFi

Connect your NAS with a WiFi dongle or create a Qnap Wifi access point. Also extend your wifi to every corner of your home. Or even use your power cables as a network with Powerline Adapters.

Prime Day | Protect your NAS from power cuts

SMART UPS will keep your NAS running for another hour or safely shut itself down without loosing data or corrapted data due improper sutdown.

Prime Day | 4K Screens for 4K media

Your NAS can stream a 4K movies, but remember to get a 4K TV to watch trully amazing picture quality of 10bit HDR.

Prime Day | Data Duplication

Moving or duplicating data- duplicator will clone entire content bit by bit even from / to a different size hard drives. Very handy for quick data duplication either for a NAS or Laptop SSD upgrades.

Prime Day | Surveillance

The most popular cameras for surveillance – compatible with Synology and Qnap

Prime Day | Encryption

Backing up sensitive data? Consider geting encrypted hard drive with a code.


What can I connect to a NAS?

Wireless Speaker Sonos

The great thing about Sonos is that you don't need to pay for music subscription service. With the cheapest NAS at home like DS115j or any other, you can have your backups done for all of your devices and still use your network drive as a Sonos music library. Sonos will connect to your NAS via your network and let access your provided music library. If you have little more of IT knowledge, you can even set up your Alexa or Sonos with Alexa built in to play music on your voice commands ("Alexa! Ask DS Audio to Play Music!").

Casting devices

Nowadays it is so cheap to upgrade your old TV and make it smart. All you need is Google Chrome or EZcast alternative plugged into your HDMI port at the back of your TV. Now you have great functionality added to your TV to send a video file directly from your NAS to a TV. No need for wires and chargers and other mess. You can use your phone as a remote to go to your movies or family videos and cast that content on your TV during family or friend gatherings.


Apple TV

Amazon Fire TV

You may not have a smartphone, or you just simply prefer to control your content with a remote in that case Amazon Fire TV will be a great addon to get to your TV. It also plugs into your HDMI port and will play content from your NAS to a TV. No wires no mess.

nVidia Shield TV

It gets even better! If you want some more entertainment and all previously mentioned functions - nVidia TV is a great thing to get. You can use it for playing games and watching movies from your NAS. The greatest thing is - shield TV does video transcoding. So even if you have a cheap NAS with a weak CPU, in a combination of shield TV you can now automatically on the fly change video file size and format for a destination device. It is a great way to reduce network load and let older devices to play video content which normally was not supported on the device.