How to back my external drives?

First of all get a Synology- the cheapest you can get is DS118. An app called USB Copy will instantly start a backup process once you connect the external drive to your Synology NAS. The system will make a beep once backup started and another beep when it’s finished. If you want Synology will also automatically disconnect the external drive once the backup is complete. This will mean no need to log into management console and press any buttons. Just connect, wait for a beep and disconnect.



You can also Specify basic task information and choose a copy mode:

  • Multi-versioned: Each time the task runs, a folder will be created and named with the runtime. All source files will be fully copied to the destination.
  • Mirroring: Each time the task runs, all changes made in the source folder will be copied to the destination, making the destination folder a complete mirror copy of the source.
  • Incremental: Each time the task runs, newly added and modified source files will be copied to the destination.

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How to do Backup with deduplication.


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