How to back up your computer

Backing up your computer with a Synology NAS drive is probably the easiest way I have ever seen! The backup app will literally ask you whether you want to back up certain folders or everything you have on a computer. Even system files. This time I will be very selective and back up all user data- documents, desktops, and other user-related folders.

First of all get a Synology- the cheapest you can get is DS115j or DS118.

Everything starts with the Cloud Station Server installation. You will find it in the Package Center.

Once it is installed, open it up and select Cloud Station Backup which will be the middle choice.

Click and download Win or Mac application.

Open ap the newly installed app and click Start Now.

Type in your Quick Connect ID and NAS username and password. If you haven’t created Quick Connect, go to settings and create it- it’s easy.

Next step is final- choose the folders you want to back up. I would recommend Users folders. This will include all user files like desktop, documents etc. Or you can select other location if your files are located elsewhere.

App will automatically back things up for the first time. Any future backups will be done in much quicker time.

Once you have your backups up and running for few days- you will be able to see previous versions of your data. If you need to – you can roll back to the previous version and restore changed or deleted files.


This is super easy, fast and safe way to back up your computers and mobile devices. No limited internet connection, no hackers stealing your data, no monthly payments for the storage space. Amazing isn’t it?

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