Ivacy VPN Review

Ivacy VPN Review

There have been times where we have all tried to access a website but it pops up with an error, try to download a movie but the torrent won’t work for some reason, or are watching a video when it says that the content is not available in your country. It is really annoying and frustrating to say the least. So, what do you do? Well, the easy way out is to use a VPN.

There are several options when it comes to Virtual Private Networks. However, a few rise above all else, with Ivacy being right up there with the very best. With sophisticated yet reliable services, Ivacy makes sure that when customers put their trust in the service, they are not left disappointed. Users have complained about inconsistent speeds in some areas but overall, Ivacy exceeds expectations.

Here is a comprehensive review of Ivacy VPN and the features which make it stand out.

BestVPN.com Award Winner for the Fastest VPN

BestVPN is an independent VPN reviewer which spends countless hours every year testing VPN’s extensively. At the end, the announce winners across different categories. Ivacy has been amongst the high rankers in many categories. The 2019 BestVPN.com awards saw Ivacy take home two runner-up prizes for the Best VPN overall and Best Value while it bagged the winner’s prize for the Fastest VPN from more than 70 competitors.

Why do you need a VPN?

People are still confused while others are sceptical about the need for a VPN. Is it really so important to use in? I mean it’s not that internet browsing comes to a standstill without it! Then what exactly is the main purpose of a VPN and why do experts and analysts suggest strongly that consumers have one on their devices?

The answer to this question is complicated, but we’ll keep it simple. A VPN is not just an add-on for entertainment purposes. In today’s world, it has much more important functions. Specifically, this concerns those who take their online privacy seriously. The internet is full of hackers and cybercriminals that can potentially steal sensitive information pertaining to your personal life, financial standing and other critical areas of your life. This data can then be utilized for a variety of purposes ranging from consumer profiling to identity theft.

Those spam marketing messages we keep receiving every now and then are the result of this very same phenomenon. Sadly, this is the least annoying and worrisome thing that can happen as a result of a cybersecurity breach on a personal level. All things considered, a VPN has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury to combat any and all digital vulnerabilities. With just a few clicks you can enable anonymous browsing and protect yourself from any lingering threats.

What Ivacy offers?

Ivacy VPN was founded in Singapore more than a decade ago. Owing to the level of customer service and quality it offers, Ivacy quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the best in the business. The product offers several unique and top of the line features, all the while being reliable and dependable at the same time. In a world where data holds immense value, knowing that a third party app will not turn against you matters a great deal. This is one of the primary reasons why Ivacy has been able to reach new horizons, and will continue to do so for years to come.

Here are some other factors that make Ivacy a great option for internet users:

Selection of servers across the globe

Ivacy was designed with a specific focus on catering to diverse consumer needs. The purpose of a VPN is to be able to allow users from across the globe to access their favourite content easily. No matter where you are and what website you want to visit, Ivacy has you covered. The VPN has 1000+ servers in 100+ countries which are available 24/7.

Users have unlimited bandwidth at their disposal, so there is nothing to worry about while they surf the internet anonymously. With the host of servers available to choose from, all you have to do is to install Ivacy, select the appropriate country, and the VPN does the rest. Your original IP is masked and hidden through the most sophisticated encryption available.

Top of the line encryption

While we’re on the subject of encryption, Ivacy provides up to 256-bit encryption to ensure that if anyone is trying to spy on you, their attempts are futile. In case you are wondering, yes, it is that simple to eavesdrop on someone’s internet traffic.

Hackers and other cybercriminals have the necessary knowledge and equipment to simply tap into a network and observe the data being sent and received by every gadget connected to it.

Zero logging policy

Although many service providers claim that they keep no logs whatsoever, most of them are not telling the truth. Some small clause in the user agreement, which all of us ignore, allows the VPN provider to keep some information about users or their browsing history.

There have been instances in the past where VPN’s themselves have been caught collecting and selling user data to third parties. Ivacy is one of the few companies that hold true to their word about not keeping any user data and their internet traffic. Ivacy’s commitment to zero-logging has been investigated and verified by several online reviewers in their complete analysis’ available online.

Unlimited torrenting

Any discussion about unblocking foreign content would not be complete without talking about torrents. In the past few years there has been a substantial crackdown on torrent libraries forcing them to go offline or resort to constant domain switching. This is why any torrent website now carries a warning for you to use a VPN for your own privacy, and theirs too.

With Ivacy’s unlimited bandwidth, you can torrent freely. There are no restrictions about the things which can be downloaded or unblocked. Ivacy can also help users bypass geo-restrictions on streaming services and their content.


With Ivacy, you can connect up to five devices at the same time. Essentially, this means that you pay for one package and use it on five different gadgets. The same account can help you protect everything medium that you use to connect to the internet. Most of us have two or at most three devices on us. These are the ones we use regularly for one reason or the other. Ivacy’s multi-login protects them all.


Ivacy offers a wide selection when it comes to subscription packages. There are four main options to choose from and limited time offers are introduced from time to time. The monthly payment for an Ivacy account is $9.95 per month. There are no savings on this bundle and the price is charged every month you choose to use the service.

The most popular package according to the Ivacy website is their two-year bundle. At $2.25 per month, it offers a staggering 77% discount over the regular package. The amount is billed upfront but it is still significantly lower than what you would pay otherwise. There is also a yearly package which costs $3.38 per month, and the savings here are 66%. At the moment, a limited five year bundle is available for $1.33 per month. You will have to pay on advance but the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Ivacy doesn’t offer a trial period but it compensates for that with a 30-day money back guarantee on every bundle. The absence of the trail period may be taken as a demerit but it helps keep the standards of the service high by setting a certain bar for entry.

Unparalleled security against cybercrime

Ivacy doesn’t intend on being a service that you just use occasionally to unblock specific websites restricted in your country. The service strives to be an elaborate solution for every cybersecurity need for individuals or businesses.

The service also offers public Wi-Fi security. The feature is designed to help you connect to networks at local cafés or any other public places. This is where most cybersecurity breaches occur so protection here is crucial. The VPN also offers an ‘Internet Kill Switch’ which terminates the internet connection if and when there is a VPN disconnection, thus preventing a hacking risk.

Customer Reviews

Ivacy has been the market leader within the industry for quite some time. The service has thousands of users across the globe. The whole community provides Ivacy with constant feedback. This also includes industry experts who use the service and provide their unbiased opinion about the operations, features and reliability of the service.

Greggles TV and Tech of Tomorrow are two prominent personalities who have been all but praises about Ivacy. They acknowledge that the service has an edge over other competitors, making it ideal for use in a variety of circumstances. There are also different platforms where ordinary individuals voice their views about the service.


There is no doubt that VPNs have become a necessity today. If you are concerned about your online privacy, you should always use Ivacy VPN. Also, if you are just looking for content online, Ivacy will do just that. There is so much that this service has to offer in terms of features and customer service, affordability, value for money and credibility that when you are in the market shopping for a VPN, Ivacy will be for your first and only choice.