Multi-functional NAS server

Use case / requirements :
1. Backing up 1/2 Mac laptops + 1 Mac desktop using Time Machine (strongly preferred) OR some standards-based, open source software that won’t lock me into a brand of NAS. Total space required maybe 2-3TB (but some files duplicated between the computers: any way to do deduplication would be amazing)
2. Network drive for centrally storing a Lightroom photography library + music production projects (Logic, Ableton). Maybe 1-2TB
3. Silent and reliable.
4. RAID would be nice for reliability, but with a 2 disk NAS RAID1 it seems like a lot of wasted space, RAID5/6 on a 4 disk NAS would be cool but expensive and it may be overkill if I also back up to the cloud
5. Currently using Backblaze for offsite backup, I don’t think it backs up NAS. So I’d like some built-in ability to back up to Amazon S3 / Backblaze B2 / Google Cloud / rsync+ssh server etc… ideally that’s where I’d value access to the underlying Linux here in order to run a custom script if required.
6. Nice to have: DLNA / something that allows streaming to Apple TV or a VR player on iPhone
7. Ideally: remote access to files / VPN support
8. Ideally: also a Wi-Fi access point/router so it can fully replace my Time Capsule.

If you love Linux you will love Qnap. The TS-253B (253Be) will let you do all that you described before. You can set it up as a virtual switch, also back up multiple computers and phones. You can also do an online backup and syncronize with other cloud platforms. RAID1 is useful in case of one drive failure. You don’t need to recover from a backup. Just slide another drive in and everything will be restored automatically. If you want a better price per terabyte, then get 453b which is 4 bay option and fill it with 2 or 3 drives and add more as your data grow.

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