NAS for a boat with no/ limited internet and on battery power

I have a sailboat and I’m moving on it to live for awhile while that means no internet most of the time.
I would like to set up a nas for back up, (that part seems pretty easy) but also I would like to be able to stream the movies on the nas to devices on the boat (tablets, phones and computers)

What do I need? Will plex run without an internet connection? (if not is there one that will)
one last question I would like to see on the reviews is the amount of power the unit will draw. Living on a sailboat your power is limited by batteries and solar or some other means to charge the batteries.

The beautiful thing about the NAS is that it can operate in any environment, including boats and delivery tracks. Some models are actually created for very bespoke solutions (like EDS14). The good thing is NAS mean Network attached storage- which means as long as you have a network you have network storage (even as little as computer + network cable + NAS). You can have wifi router with NAS connected to it or simply have a switch with wired connections between devices.

Average NAS consume half of the capacity or less what a laptop would consume (around 18-30Watts). With a £200 UPS you could run your NAS for a day or more. In order to save every little drop of electricity, you can very simply set up power scheme on the NAS so it automatically switch itself off during the night and wake up again at a certain time or using wake on LAN function. Besides NAS drives and NAS itself can be switched into a power saving mode and even hibernate when not in use.

Plex will need internet only to log into a configuration panel and do the changes you need. You can access all movies and other media without the internet. The alternative to a Plex is built in Synology DS video app (or Video station on Qnap).

There are many many people who care about power consumption nut only because of limited power available but also environmental protection. Here is one Amazon customer reviewing a 2 bay NAS.

The list of least power consuming NAS options:

EDS14 – 8watts – no plex, but has DS video app for multimedia. Also very slow.

DS419slim- 20W consumption. Not very fast NAS but can install Plex and DS Video

DS620slim – 34.88 W (Access)

DS220j (12.46 W power,) – Best for file backup and local media streaming

Asustor as6602t Power Consumption 15.9 W (Operation);9.2 W (Disk Hibernation);0.66 W (Sleep Mode)

Asustor as6302t Power Consumption 13.8 W (Operation);7.2 W (Disk Hibernation);0.34 W (Sleep Mode)

Asustor as5202t Power Consumption 17 W (Operation);10.5 W (Disk Hibernation);1.3 W (Sleep Mode)

Qnap ts-130 Power Consumption: Operating Mode, Typical 7.29 W

Synology DS220j Power Consumption* 12.46 W (Access) <br>5.06 W (HDD Hibernation)

Synology DS218play Power Consumption* 16.79 W (Access) <br>5.16 W (HDD Hibernation)

Synology DS120j Power Consumption* 9.81 W (Access) <br>4.68 W (HDD Hibernation)

Synology DS118 Power Consumption* 9.4 W (Access) <br>4.22 W (HDD Hibernation)




Plus series like ds718+, ds918+ for best performance.

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