NAS for films to view via laptop or ipad on the move

Looking to get a NAS, primarily to store and view* my Blu-Ray collection via PLEX.
Primary viewing will likely be on my on in-house wired network via DLNA. However; I do travel and may also want to view via laptop or ipad when I am on the road.

I am also a newbie to networks and NAS, so simplicity is a factor.

Had been considering the WD PR4100, however I am hearing good things about Synology and others

Need 32TB capacity.


WD PR4100 will be a good network file server for backups and other file storage. It also has a special relationship with Plex offering transcoding functionality.  But for streaming on the go, I would suggest you to get DS918+ instead. Synology multimedia app DS Video offers offline streaming capability. This app will download movies or any other multimedia files on your iPhone or iPad or Android products. This way you won’t need to rely on your mobile network coverage. And it will also cost you nothing to stream.

Most of all DS918+ will do 4K video transcoding using DS Video app. To do 4K transcoding on Plex, you need NAS with a powerful processor like i3 or better. This cost over 1000 and therefore is not good value for money.

For choosing best hard drives for your NAS check this post: