NAS for storage and streaming to TV -best codex support

I need a NAS
1) first to safely store and access my important files remotely and share with family (any NAS do this)
2) To play movie on my DLNA TV (a relatively old samsung smart tv, updates and Samsung port are no longer available)
so I would like to choose a NAS with the largest selection of internal codecs in order to have no trouble streaming videos (mostly old .avi
with codecs like mpeg4 xvid ). I read your comparison between the latest synology DS218+ and qnap ts251B with interest
but before buying I would like to know I can play most videos.

For simple streaming, you don’t need any codex on a NAS, but on the receiving device (TV or mobile device). NAS will just serve as a remote storage device with your files.

Things change when your smart TV or mobile device do not support certain video or audio file format. This is when NAS with a transcoding engine becomes very useful. It will automatically on the fly change the video or audio format to something that your receiving device can play and also correct resolution based on receiving device screen size and network speed.

On Qnap you can install CodexPack app which allows transcoding many different file formats. Synology will have all codex built in their DS Video app. You can also use Plex instead which also supports file transcoding.

Based on customer questions, seems like Synology DS Video has the richest codex pack allowing to transcode wider range of files.

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