NAS stream with amplifier LAN/HDMI

I’m looking to store a video library on a NAS, but then stream this through a hi-fi amplifier before directing to my TV. (i.e. Wanting to play audio through hifi speaker system, not just through tv speakers / tv sound bar) Basically trying to work out how to use my NAS as a 4K source instead of my 4K Blu-Ray player which connects to my amp via HDMI… I’m sure I’m not the first person to have this question, but I can’t seem to find the topic discussed anywhere on your site or the web in general. My amplifier is a high end network connected device – do you think I just need a NAS with HDMI out, or if there another way to do this that you know of?

I am not sure NAS with HDMI will sort this issue. What I would do is- get an apmplifier with a LAN connectivity. This way you can set up NAS as a 4K multimedia source and play stuff from it. LAN connection will ensure there is enough bandwith for 4K media files as well as music.

If you prefer HDMI connection – I would recommend getting Qnap NAS like 53b series. It comes with an app which should let you amp receive the content.

Here is an amplifier with LAN port:

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