NAS with USB 3.1 gen2

I am not sure but I think you missed the fact that QNAP only runs at usb 2.0. I have 2 qnaps and BOTH TS-131 and TS-121 run at a max of 60mb/s…the ts-131 only can transfer data at 40mb/s max. The ports on the qnaps are fake usb 3.0. Since finding this out on my own….I am looking for either true usb 3.0 NAS or atleast one that runs usb 3.1 +. So if you know one of those. Let me know. I have checked every company listed on currently I am disappointed at qnap’s fake usb 3.0 and will not buy them again. I ran multiple tests with multiple usb 3 drives external internal etc…i know I am right at this point. their tech support isn’t answering me str8 either. they have been lying.

Usually blue port will mean USB 3.0 with a bandwidth around 5Gbs, all new NAS models do feature this port unless it is very budget NAS. If you want 10Gbs speed with USB 3.1 – look for a yellow port or check specs where it is specified. Here is the list with USB3.1 gen2 built in already.


If these NAS seem to be too expensive, you can install Qnap own USB3.1 gen2 card in any NAS with PCIe slot. Here is the compatibility list for the card mentioned:


QNAP USB-U31A2P01 Dual-port (Type-A) USB3.1 expansion card, PCIe Gen2 x2, low-profile bracket pre-loaded, low-profile flat and Full-height are bundled
[2-Bay] TS-253B  TS-253Be
[4-Bay] TS-432XUTS-432XU-RPTS-453B TS-453BeTS-453BT3TS-453BUTS-453BU-RPTS-463UTS-463U-RPTS-463XUTS-463XU-RPTS-470TS-470 ProTS-473TVS-463TVS-470TVS-471TVS-471UTVS-471U-RPTVS-473TVS-473e
[5-Bay] TS-563
[6-Bay] TS-653B TS-670TS-673TS-677TVS-663TVS-670TVS-671TVS-673TVS-673eTVS-682TVS-682T
[8-Bay] TS-832XUTS-832XU-RPTS-853BUTS-853BU-RPTS-863UTS-863U-RPTS-863XUTS-863XU-RPTS-870TS-870U-RPTS-873TS-873UTS-873U-RPTS-877TS-879 ProTS-879U-RPTS-EC879U-RPTS-EC880 ProTS-EC880UTS-EC880U R2TVS-863TVS-863+TVS-870TVS-871TVS-871TTVS-871U-RPTVS-873TVS-873eTVS-882TVS-882BRTVS-882BRT3TVS-882ST2TVS-882ST3TVS-882TTVS-EC880
[10-Bay] TS-1079 ProTS-EC1080 ProTVS-EC1080TVS-EC1080+
[12-Bay] SS-EC1279U-SAS-RPTS-1232XUTS-1232XU-RPTS-1253BUTS-1253BU-RPTS-1263UTS-1263U-RPTS-1263XUTS-1263XU-RPTS-1270U-RPTS-1273UTS-1273U-RPTS-1277TS-1279U-RPTS-EC1279U-RPTS-EC1279U-SAS-RPTS-EC1280UTS-EC1280U R2TVS-1271U-RPTVS-1282TVS-1282TTVS-1282T3TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RPTVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP R2
[16-Bay] TDS-16489UTS-1673UTS-1673U-RPTS-1677XTS-1679U-RPTS-1685TS-EC1679U-RPTS-EC1679U-SAS-RPTS-EC1680UTS-EC1680U R2TVS-EC1680U-SAS-RPTVS-EC1680U-SAS-RP R2
[18-Bay] SS-EC1879U-SAS-RPTES-1885U(QTS)
[30-Bay] TES-3085U(QTS)

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