Network card for a PC with dual LAN NAS

My question though regards Link Aggregation. I understand the connection from the nas to the compatible switch but nobody ever mentions if my pc will require a dual lan to actually use this type of connection. I video edit so presume that I would benefit from this. Im not a pro so 10gbe isnt an option just yet for me. Im currently deciding on my choice of nas but was looking at the ds718+ or ds918+. I’m actually holding off buying until the prices of the new models are released. Any help with this link aggregation explanation would be of great help and much appreciated. If I also require a dual Nic do you have any recommendations?

In order to maximize connection speed between your dual LAN and NAS and a PC will require equal speed network card. This can be a dual LAN network card or simply 10GbE card. The 10GbE is backward compatible and often comes with a mini processing chip built on the card. This takes the strain of the CPU on your computer and gives you a better performance. With Synology you can set dual ports to work in load balancing mode- no smart switch required. Or you can aggregate ports to double the speed – then the smart switch is required.


I would recommend getting a 10GbE card as you can get one under 100. This will help you with the future upgrade as everyone is now upgrading to a 10GbE networks. The old 1GbE is now outdated technology.

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