NVR surveillance for 13 cameras (total 200 frames at 4K)

Looking to purchase a Synology rack mount NAS for 12 Honeywell H4D8PR1 which record at 15fps. The baseline RS818 says it supports up to 200 frames at 4K, based on the math this would be suitable for up to 13 cameras at 15 fps. Would you recommend adding more RAM or upgrading to a better device?

Yes, you did the math correctly.

RS818+ Maximum Supported Device Number = 40.

Maximum Storage Space with Expansion Units (TB) = 192

Total Frame Rate (4K) = 240

Expected Bandwidth 352.8 (Mbit/s) and Total Disk Space 114.307 (TB) – for 30 day footage.

There one thing you must do though- upgrade the RAM. It comes with 2GB RAM which is not enough for this many cameras. RS818+ comes with 2GB (1 x 2GB) with one free slot for another 2GB or even extra 4GB for some future proofing (maximum total =16GB).

Synology has just now released new Surveillance Station 8.2 beta with many new improvements to already amazing surveillance experience.

Here are few functions:

Record As You Go with No Storage Limitation

No need for extra setup! Record anywhere and instantly send your recording back to Surveillance Station on your remote NAS for simultaneous viewing and storing.

Zero Interruption during Uploading

The recording is no longer dependent on internet availability. Edge Recording records and stores videos directly on the supported devices during a loss of Internet connectivity. This allows for retrieval of the videos once the connection is restored.

Multi-Timeline Playback for Incident Reconstruction

Supporting both single- and multi-timeline playback to help users quickly locate the recorded footage of the target incident and trace back events.

1) In comparing all Synology NAS models, why does the entry level RS818RP+ show H.265 support on the spec page but not the next model up RC18015xs+?

2) As far as connecting to our main network, we have a Sonicwall TZ 600 firewall and HP 1810-48G Switch (J9660A) switch with 48 x RJ45 + 4 x SFP.

I’m planning to purchase a separate PoE switch that connects all 12 cameras, the RS818RP+, and 1 cable that connects the new PoE switch to our HP 1810. We use Ubiquiti products, so looking at their switches.

In order to manage network traffic, would you recommend creating a VLAN or hosting the cameras on a different subnet? I am not a networking expert and I understand you aren’t either, but any advice is appreciated. We are close to running out of our 256 addresses, do we need to go to 512 addresses?


3) Is cloud backup a viable option to maintain offsite storage, or would this negatively affect the performance? My gut instinct here is the sheer storage space and processing power would require another device all-together. The only reason for offsite storage is if the actual device was tampered with or stolen.

4) Any recommendations to secure the device and prevent theft or unauthorized access? Which brands of secure rack enclosure do you like?

5) We are using CAT6A cable for the cameras with distances up to 100 meters. Do I need to purchase the 10GbE network adapter for the RS818RP+?


The RC18015xs+ is three years old NAS when H265 was not very common. But it also does support h265 even though it has not been mentioned. The RS818RP+ comes with Xeon processor which is many times more powerful then 818+. If you want to use it for more tasks then just surveillance, then its a good choice, otherwise overkill.

About running out of IP addresses- you will need to move to the next logical step – subnetting unless you move away from ipv4.

Cloud backup is a very safe solution as long as there is not too much of data. Some companies are physically transporting drive to the data centers to backup to the cloud. But few terabytes should be doable with a pretty fast internet connection (BlackBlaze has no storage limit). A little bit more popular choice among Synology users is live synchronization. Buying vert same NAS x2 and keeping other boxes remotely. With a rsync set up both NAS boxes will be syncronized. If one is stolen/ broken other will take over and do the tasks.

To secure your NAS even further, you can encrypt sensitive folders. Instructions here.

The 10GbE will be useful only if you have 10GbE switch, otherwise built in 4 LAN ports will take care of load balancing even with simple cheap switches.

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