Offline storage for my Nas

Offline storage for my Nas.

Looking for the best way to store my media offsite, in case I lose my media.

What would be an affordable service to store around 30TB with expansion available.

Off-site backup is very important. There are many things what can happen where RAID protection will not help.

Most popular data loss situations are:

  • Property flooding
  • Fire
  • Burglary
  • Accidental damage
  • Power surge/ Lightening
  • Virus

The cheapest Qnap off-site backup solution would be TS-431X-2G. It can be expanded by attaching an expansion unit with additional 5 or 8 drives. Or it can be replaced with another NAS box by moving drives into a new case (with more bays).

The cheapest expandable backup solution from Synology would be DiskStation DS1517 which can be expanded up to 15 drives or replaced by a bigger box.

Both backup solutions can be synchronized with the main NAS unit locally (as 30TB would take a while to be transferred). Once both NAS units are backed up for the first time, backup NAS can be now located in different location. All changes will be incrementally updated overnight or instantly if configured that way.

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