Oppo streaming with NAS

Oppo streaming with NAS is a fantastic solution for those who do not want to change a CD every time they want a different song. All Blu-ray disks can be stored on a NAS device which is connected over a network to your Oppo media player and amplifier. All is done over the network, so the NAS can be placed somewhere away in the other room if needed. You can also use free Synology DS Audio app to cast music without touching any buttons on the player.

Compatible Oppo Players


4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player

Reference Quality Video

Lossless, High-Resolution Audio

UHD, Blu-ray, 3D, DVD, DVD-Audio, SACD and CD


4K Ultra HD Audiophile Blu-ray Disc Player

Best-in-Class Audio Performance, Dual ESS ES9038PRO Sabre Pro DACs

Reference Quality Video with HDR

4K UHD, Blu-ray, 3D, DVD, DVD-Audio, SACD and CD

Compatible NAS

1 drive budget option

DS115j and DS118

2 drive option 

DS218j and DS218play

4 drive option