Purchase a NAS for my home

Subject: Which NAS?

I am looking to purchase a NAS for my home. A NAS that my family will use. We want to use the NAS for the following tasks if possible simultaneously.
* Security Camera NVR
* Media Server (Movies & Music _ we do not have a lot currently)
* File Share (Work & School) With Cloud access from anywhere anytime.
* We want redundancy (RAID).
Please help me choose the best possible NAS for our requirements. Thanks


If total required capacity is under 10TB than DS218+ will be the best choice.

You can do Surveillance, access videos, and music from TV, PC or mobile devices.

Dual drive option will keep your data accessible even one drive get broken.


If you are considering more of capacity, I would suggest the most popular choice for a reason: DS918+ . That will let you have 4 hard drives in a RAID system with much more capacity.


Current price for NAS models mentioned: