Speed Connecting Dual LAN port NAS

I still have a question though. I will be using my storage for streaming movies, as a personal cloud (I’m a writer and a musician so now I can acces my ideas everywhere if I have wifi), as an iTunes server, a photo collection, vpn, digital administration and as a storage device for all the stuff that I collected over the years (you name it, articles, apps, …)

Some years ago I had bought the synology silverstore and was very disappointed with the transfer speed. I sold it.
So my questions, are those transfer speeds any better now? I do have faster VDSL now then back in the adsl days.
Should I use one LAN connection to my macbookpro for faster transfer and one for connecting to the wifirouter?
Or am I exaggerating and are the wifi speeds fast enough? (it’s all part of the same question so forgive me to ramble on) Can I store a video on the nas and work comfortably in final cut X on the picture in the nas or do i need to store it locally? The same for my music files, those are quite heavy, so can I work on them from the nas in a smooth way or should I buy a USB-C HDD for that?

Is there a device that has some sort of a sweet spot between nas capablities and HDD read/write speed?

Synology speed has gone up quite a bit. You can expect 100MB/s (200MB/s with smart switch)transfer speeds with a gigabit network. But dual LAN port does not mean you should connect each to a different destination. You connect both to a router or switch and have a wired connection to your computer for a maximum speed. You can have a WiFi connection if you are using 5GHz or faster router. Synology will automatically let you set up load balancing method between a NAS and router fox maximum transfer speeds. For direct connectivity + NAS functions, you should consider TS-453BT3 (thunderbolt NAS). So DS418play and DS918+ is already a sweet spot with quite reasonable transfer speeds. For pushing the speed subject further you can consider upgrading network to a 10GbE (with 453BT3 and 453B series) to get speed even up to 600MB/s and more.

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