Sync two separate folders or drives on a same NAS

Sync two separate folders or drives on a same NAS

I am running a small business and have a laptop with data on it, which needs to be backed up (say every two weeks) and synched (instantly). The total data volume is less than 1TB.

I am keen to have the backup and sync locally, not in a cloud and that any hardware provider does not require me to sign off my privacy rights to my data. Thus it would be best to have a complete offline solution.

In addition, I have two drives (C, D) and would like that the data on these drives are not mixed together on the external drive. Visually it would be a mess but also I want to keep private and business data separate. Not sure how to realise this.

I also heard that some backup solutions require connection through a router. This would not work for me, as I do not want to connect through the router at the office but have an office within the office, ie be independent of the corporate infrastructure.


With Synology Cloud Station Synchronisation app you can synchronise several folders or even completely separate disks in your computer. You can create a separate sync task for C: and D: drives or even separate folders.

You can also keep thing separate on the NAS side. Create separate shared folders or even users to keep things tidy.

If you have a local WiFi or regular Ethernet switch in your office, you can connect via that. Or you cal also connect directly to your Synology NAS via RJ45 port. You would need to set up IP addresses manually or activate DHCP server on a NAS (here is how

To achieve all this, you can have any model. I would not choose anything cheaper then DS118 or DS218, but it is possible.


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