TVS-673 or Synology DS1517+ with cloud sync +remote access

I have researched many systems and have reduced it to the following QNAP TVS-673 and the Synology DS1517+

What is crucial features needing in the NAS unit beyond the typical NAS RAID system in case of data failure or Fire:

– capability to push data into Microsoft one Drive for business (Automatically during after-hours while no one is in the office), and only push data that is changed not the whole hard drive.
– A capability of having restrictive and private and shared folder capabilities. (example) such as staff members in the office to have access to their own personal folder/space on the server which no one (except IT admin) would have access to those folders. Plus any projects files only be accessible by only certain individuals or staff.
– Capability to access data worldwide 24 x 7
– Secure Private portal to work off-site
– easy to use interface, intuitive.
easy to set up without having to constantly call IT guy to do small basic tasks. (which adds to the unnecessary ongoing cost)
– Speed is important but not critical to be super-fast.
– High Quality to reduce downtime and spending money on IT to repair the NAS unit.

Both – Synology and Qnap will let you synchronize folders with a cloud (Drive, Dropbox, C2). But Qnap will be a better value for money. You can have more cards, have tiered storage and more advanced configuration. Synology will be slightly easier to set up and manage, but you will manage to do it also on Qnap. You can set up private folders for different users. You access it over the internet using a secure channel. Or you can even encrypt data on the NAS for extra safety. If you choose 73 series – go for 73e instead as it is a replacement model. The older model had issues with backplanes.

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