Video editing NAS under 1K

I’m thinking of buying a NAS drive soon and I’m not sure which is be best for me. I’m looking for about 20TB of storage. I’ll be doing some video editing and photoshop (lots of photos and videos for storage)

I’m thinking of 15-20TB of storage (Currently I have 4T of photos, videos and documents) $900

What you need is TS-453B /Be. It comes with dual LAN and PCIe slot for 10g + caching upgrade. You should be just fine with 1080p editing. The 4K could require dual port aggregation for double speed or 10gbe card upgrade. Qnap will also allow you to create ISCSI disks to trick some editing software that there is actual physical disk installed in your computer, but actually, it will be a network disk.

Little over 1K is a thunderbolt version of the same kind for MAC users – TS-453BT3.

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