Where to buy TS-453B in USA

Where to buy TS-453B in USA?

My needs are:
-basically I need a “personal” cloud
-store photos, docs, video and new digital elements as needed
-access the NAS from anywhere via internet for myself & family
-access files via internet on home network
-secured access for clients and customers
-would like SDHC memory card reader if available, not required
-NAS will be compatible with ATT Arris router
-movies not so much, just video files for customers to view
-4K NAS without 4k not a deal breaker
-Secure from virus, trojans etc.

I “WAS” looking at the TS-453B and on day I went to purchase it was gone. The 453A is nice, but still want to be sure of the perfect model for me…what other NAS SOHO type models does Qnap make that I should consider?

Features I like: SDHC Memory card slot –Remote –Front LCD Display –Speaker

I had a look at Amazon and BHphoto and realized quite a few resellers have discontinued this product. It is funny because Qnap themselves have not announced such thing. It might me stock availability problem in states. TS-453B is very much still alive and being manufactured – as it is best Qnap selling NAS of the past year. The 53B series do all you would want NAS to do. File sharing locally and remotely, direct connectivity and upgradability over PCIe. It also features 4K transcoding engine to be able to play the latest video formats. The alternative to a 53B is Synology DS718+ which has the same CPU and performance.

Here are few links to buy, but if there is no luck you can always go to SPAN.COM and ship it from UK.