Reliable Mesh WiFi network – extend signal yourself

Reliable Mesh WiFi network – extend signal yourself.

For those with big homes and gardens, weak WiFi signal is something that you wish to get fixed. If you need something for improving existing wireless internet/network speed or simply extend its coverage – read on.

What is AmpliFi MeshPoint HD?

AmpliFi Routers and MeshPoints are designed to
work in combination to eliminate any dead spots in
your home. They utilize mesh technology to provide
powerful wireless performance in an innovative
and simple design. The Router features an intuitive
touchscreen display and the MeshPoints display
wireless signal performance.






Why do you need AmpliFi MeshPoint HD?

Every home has a spot where WiFi will be annoyingly slow or not gonna work at all. This will not only cover the dead spots but will do it in a very smart way. It will allow your phone to connect to the fastest wifi transmitter automatically. No more disconnecting and connectin to a two or more different access points in the home.

How is it better than my existing WiFi?

This is a much faster wireless network then you probably have. In some cases, this network speed performs faster than wired ethernet. Also, the main function- the mesh is a very important thing to have.

What are the alternatives to an AmpliFi MeshPoint HD?

Google mesh routers, Orbi mesh routersSynology mesh.

How others have rated AmpliFi MeshPoint HD?

Reviews clearly show that this is 4-5 out of 5 product. Also, a number of reviews are very convincing.

Is it difficult to set it up?