QNAP TS-264 NAS Review

The QNAP TS-264 NAS Drive Review For those looking to transition from cloud-based platforms to a more compact private server, the QNAP TS-264 NAS is a highly desirable option for many. The latest release in QNAP’s flagship series of Prosumer/SMB hardware, the TS-264 represents the most advanced iteration of this product line to date. This […]

Terramaster F2-423 NAS Review

Review of the Terramaster F2-423 NAS Drive The Network Attached Storage industry (NAS) unlike many areas of the tech world is actually surprisingly small in terms of the companies that fight for market dominance. With less than 10 big players and less than 5 of those being real marketing recognized, choosing a NAS solution is […]

Synology DS223 NAS Drive Released

Brand New Synology DS223 Value Series NAS Released Hot on the heels of their recent releases in the Synology Plus range, Synology has now revealed a new Value Series 2-Bay NAS – The Synology DS223 NAS. Powered by a newer generation Realtek ARM v8 processor, this is the first entry into a no doubt soon […]

Synology DS723+ NAS Review

The Synology DS723+ NAS Review – Tremendous 2-Bay? Synology has always maintained a remarkably envious position in the NAS industry over the last decade or so. Although they didn’t ‘invent’ the idea of a private server in the home/office, they were the first to give the concept a fantastically consumer and accessible presentation. Over that […]

Synology DS923+ vs DS1522+ NAS – Which Should You Choose?

The Synology DS923+ vs DS1522+ NAS Comparison Synology Diskstation NAS in the 2022/2023 generation saw a surprising overhaul in the traditional hardware specifications of the brand’s 4-Bay and 5-Bay series, ditching Intel Celeron processors and deciding to make the switch to AMD’s Embedded Ryzen series of CPUs. This change, along with it’s effect on the […]

Best 4K Plex NAS of 2023

A Guide to the Best 4K Plex NAS Drives to Buy Right Now If you have been looking at buying a Synology or QNAP NAS drive in 2023 for use as a Plex Media Server, then chances are you are doing this because you are sick of paying for a bunch of online streaming services […]