Cheapest hard drives (HDD)

Make sure you are looking at the right type of drives before you choose the cheapest drives. You can simply go for the cheapest drives if you want to use them in your computer as an external storage.

When choosing cheapest drives for a NAS, then you should at least look at the drives which can run 24/7. Those drives will probably be made by WD, Seagate or Toshiba. Anything else will have questionable warranty or very limited support. For a simple NAS for a file storage and backups, you can look at the models like WD Red, Seagate Ironwolf or Toshiba NAS drives.

If you want to do something more serious like video editing, virtual machines, virtualization storage or simply fast access and transfer speeds then you should look at Pro drives. There are a few models you should consider – WD Red Pro, Seagate Ironwolf Pro, Exos or HGST Ultrastar.

The price of the drives bellow is updated automatically helping you to find the cheapest drive. You can also ask SPAN.COM for a bespoke quote when you bulk buy.

Cheapest HDD | For general use

Simple and cheap drives for your PC or RAID system. Drives will not be made for 24/7 environments. But maybe this is all you need.

Toshiba WD Blue Barracuda


Cheapest HDD | For general use

Cheapest HDD | For regular NAS

Cheapest HDD | For High-performance NAS


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